Fox News UK at Occupy LSX

25 Oct 2011 | 5 Comments

Fox News reports on the violent riots at Occupy the London Stock Exchange. Don Ronson gets both sides of the story, with exclusive interviews from terrified police offices and weed-smoking, anti-bank, anti-capitalist lunatic fascists who hate Princess Diana.

As tempers rise, our man Don holds his nerve to get to the heart of the story, wearing only scant protection against the brawling hippie mob as he discovers the truth about their aggressive “sit-in” and ferocious drug habits.

Starring: Jolyon Rubinstein
Camera/edit: Heydon Prowse and Jolyon Rubinstein
Animation: William Pine
Script: Jolyon Rubinstein, Heydon Prowse, Ben Ockrent


  • Guest: mickyfreezeouternational
    Tue 25 - Oct - 2011, 08:53
    weak ,,,,,,,,,like the protest
  • Guest: ekh333
    Thu 20 - Oct - 2011, 20:14
    But who was everyone wearing??!


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