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Street Summer: South East

Competition closes: 19 Jul 2011
Voting period: 08 Jul 2011 - 19 Jul 2011
122 Points
by Aggle
Public vote has finished
Submitted on
18 Jun 2011
Days left to vote
Scored by
122 People
Entry commentary
This is a shot of a dub painted down the level skate park.
My style is all about throwing paint where ever it wants to go.
i'm all bout just splashing the wall with as much colours as possible until my eye says thats amazing or i run out of paint.
i love graffiti, have done for 10 years something like this would be a dream come true.
  • Guest: jesshove
    Wed 20 - Jul - 2011, 09:01
    122 people are retarded
  • Guest: fuckfakes
    Wed 20 - Jul - 2011, 06:31
    never wish another writer to get shift but this c___ has to go. embaressing. f--- lower too ; )
  • Guest: fuckjsatoys
    Wed 20 - Jul - 2011, 05:52
    hhaha, ' a dream come true' did u really expect to win nove you delooded toy, thought you were against all this artfag shit anyway? fucking hypocrite. u really are a joke and brighton knows it.
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