Street Summer: London

Competition closes: 19 Jul 2011
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by anneBLONDIEbengard
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16 Jul 2011
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Entry commentary
I love merms (or mermaids)...merming is what I do.

Yesterdays merms sat on rocks, luring sailors to their death with their sweet siren voices...but those times are long gone.
Today's merms are more likely to whip out their underwater ghetto blasters and have fierce rap battles with sailors lucky enough to encounter these beauties...they're pretty rubbish at breakdancing though.

...I like to make up little stories, scenarios and characters in my work. I want to share it with the world. This is a pretty late entry...but upon finding out about this competition I just had to enter and at least try to get somewhere! All votes are very much appreciated and will be graced with underwater merm love! x
My work is influenced by contemporary youth, pop and alternative cultures, pop surrealism, street art, kitch, dark humour and all things Japanese.
I have dedicated my life to the merm (mermaids) and I currently focus on creating art that depicts curious underwater scenarios where sleazy jellyfish flirt with merms, octopuses are tattooists and little skulls, sushi and flowers lurk at every corner…I also try to be a merm...I have a lot of merm outfits…merm on!

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