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Street Summer: North

Competition closes: 19 Jul 2011
Voting period: 08 Jul 2011 - 19 Jul 2011
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by theodore1
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08 Jul 2011
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Entry commentary
The woman in the piece represents Summer as depicted in the famous painting of the seasons by Alaphonse Mucha. The victorian style street and industrial mills which she sits amongst are a portrayal of the scenery of the Northern streets, that I grew up amongst and where I first discovered the hidden graffiti walls of urban West Yorkshire. The train in the foreground, pasted with a double whole car piece, spelling out an advertisement of the channel 4 season, embodies the roots of street art, which began on the train lines of towns and cities as an unheard youth utilized the wonderful medium of graffiti to spray their marks on the world.
I would adapt this piece into a mural using spray paint and probably emulsion (as I like to work large), developing the design slightly to accommodate the public space where I would paint it. For examples of pieces i've painted, and a suggestion for where the logo's would sit on this design, see my flickr at:
I am an illustrator/ graffiti artist from Halifax, West Yorkshire. I have always loved drawing, originally in the form of cartoon characters, and started painting graffiti in 2002. I love art that has a wide impact and think the fact that graffiti art can be seen by so many people makes it a unique form. When I got arrested in 2005 for painting a train, I decided to pursue a career in animation and comic book art but, in finding 'fine art' to be more natural to me than telling stories with pictures, have since returned to using spray paint and marker pens to express my ideas. While much of my inspiration comes from sources as varied as film and music, I feel that painting characters and murals enables me to channel this inspiration into a form that other people can enjoy.
  • theodore1
    Mon 18 - Jul - 2011, 02:33
  • faunagraphic
    Tue 12 - Jul - 2011, 02:20
    Nice work and concept!
  • theodore1
    Fri 08 - Jul - 2011, 20:00
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