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From cybergoths to junglists, punks to hipsters; for over a decade, the Don’t Panic Pack has been a guiding hand for the UK’s colourful array of experience-hungry culture vultures.
Bursting with informative and collectable content, the Don’t Panic Pack features a diverse selection of events information, an exclusive limited edition A2 Don’t Panic Poster and a rotation of treats ranging from condoms to snack bars!

Like what you hear?! Find out how to get in on the action below!

Where Can I Get a Don’t Panic Pack?

There are 3 ways of getting your mits on a Don’t Panic Pack.
If you are in London, Manchester or Bristol -

  1. At the exits of choice events (free!)
  2. From one of our dispenser stockists (free!)

If you are in any other UK city, then

  3. Subscribe (£3 per month)

Please contact us on for more info.

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