What you don't know about Ferry Gouw


Written by James Read
02 Friday 02nd May 2008

I find it easiest to come up with ideas... in that space when you're just falling asleep. I find it best to wait til about two in the morning when I start falling asleep, then have a sudden burst of coffee, then my mind is in dream mode but I'm awake to catch every little detail, then I put it down on paper. I dunno why I'm sharing this. It's supposed to be my secret method.

Mucha Marcha with Yelle at Proud Gallery

You've done a lot of band and club artwork. Who have you enjoyed working for the most?

My own band, Semifinalists (see lead image), is the obvious answer because it's the most challenging, frustrating, rewarding, etc. Apart from that, I love doing stuff for anyone and everyone. Each person demands a different aesthetic and it's always interesting, even if it's for the sake of artistic exercise it's still awesome. I just like doing this stuff.

White Heat club flyer

What really gets your goat?

When I'm shit, and I realise it it's always worst. Then when I realise other people are so much better at what I'm trying to do. That's always an existential crisis. Also when it's another pasta dinner because I'm broke. Shit like that - basic stuff.

Oh When The Night Falls

You do some comics too, like the charmer above. I was speaking to a guy couple of weeks ago who draws Wolverine every day - are you obsessed by any comics?

I was a big Marvel freak. So I used to draw Wolverine and Venom and Spiderman every day. Angry bulky dudes are so easy and fun to draw. Nowadays I always keep an eye out for Al Columbia comics. There's not many out there. Luckily not too many people are looking for them, so second hand comic shops would often have 'em lying around for cheap. There's also this guy Ted May who did a series called It Lives for a short period. I found his stuff in Chicago and i've been obsessed ever since. He's the weirdest, funniest (but most overlooked) comic artist out there I think.

Invsbl Fkrs club flyer

I couldn't work without... coffee and late night baseball.

Lillica Libertine EP cover

Lately my work has been inspired by... This is gonna sound so stupid and cliched. Like everyone else, I'm ripping off Chip Kidd.

The rest of Ferry's art can be found here

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