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Chatroulette Anonymous?


Written by Heydon Prowse
12 Friday 12th March 2010

A new service called Chatroulette Map is peeling back some of the anonymity of Chatroulette users. Chatroulette Map, which first bubbled up on blogs like Laughing Squid, grabs screenshots of people using the service and, using their IP address and geolocation tools, plots their location on a global map. Watch out!


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  • Guest: w11dch11d
    Tue 23 - Mar - 2010, 19:27
    Still anonymous, if a direct connection is made its possible to tell the city of your ISP based on the IP if no proxy is used. Think each video is published via RTMP which can be accessed by anybody who has the name of the stream, but then again this is made up from a 256bit unique string for both sender and receiver, not likely to be guessed.