Spork: The Next Generation


Written by Siobhan Morrin
16 Sunday 16th January 2011
Cutlery, in one form or another, has been around since about the time humans got serious about their survival and decided to put a barrier between their face and their food. Probably. It’s been a long, long time anyway. We’ve certainly had a few years to refine the tool, so it’s no surprise that the humble knife and fork (and spoon) are not always so unassuming. From the not-so-space age spork (invented circa 1900!) to the outer space chop-saber, here’s a few of our favourite cool and quirky cutlery items.
A personal favourite, Din-ink are ingenious inventions for possessive office workers. No longer must you use the communal cutlery to make your tea and eat your microwave meal. Din-ink pops onto your pen just like a normal lid, but with the ingenious addition of a knife, fork and spoon attachment. You can avoid the race for the last spoon as you smugly slide these out of your pocket. Sadly only a concept for now though.


Maybe you’re bored of the conventional. Why just use cutlery to eat with? These knife earrings by Debbie Howe could be just what you’re looking for. Sharp-looking and a little bit scary, they would add an edge to the simplest outfit. Maybe Delia would like a pair…
Awesome invention alert! When you’ve got 'company' you probably won’t be using your hands to gobble your pizza. The knife and fork option leaves no hand free for the remote control though, and requires full concentration on the task at hand. With the pizza fork this problem is solved. Roll to slice, pick up with the fork and eat away.
While the pizza-fork is perfect for certain foodstuffs (well, foodstuff), this piece of equipment is multi-useful. The One-Handed-Cutlery is what it says on the tin. Somehow, this knife ‘n’ fork combo allows you to cut, pick up and eat using only one hand. Now you don’t need two hands for dinner, you could get on with some multi-tasking. (Ed - What are they eating with it? Looks like a Pop Tart cutlet)
They may be very different to knives and forks, but chopsticks still get food from plate to gob, and are therefore must be classified under cutlery. These sticks, however, are not your average splintery takeaway version. The force is strong(er) in these Star wars lightsaber chopsticks, available in Luke, Yoda, Darths Vader and Maul. Darth Maul’s even attach together for added double saber authenticity, though this is probably not the advised position for eating. They do come in sets of two, but don't kid yourself - you'll be using them strictly for eating Ramen alone.

Or, if you're eating out and are too embarrassed to admit your maldextrous lack of chopstick handling ability, carry one of these spoon 'adapters' by Aïssa Logerot and convert to comfort! I'm not sure these would be very stable or safe to use without joined, disposable chopsticks. But depending on where you're eating, that might not be an issue.

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  • Guest: rf.jarvis
    Mon 24 - Jan - 2011, 11:19
    Nice One!! Sporks get a mention towards the end of Jasper Ffordes last fantasy novel 'Shades of Grey', in a land where (among other things) the manufacturing of spoons is forbidden, there is a teaser that the hero may go into spork production in the next book! Those old enough to have been eating out during the Nouvelle Cuisine rip off of the late 1970's may remember a version of spork appeared then, a flattened soup spoon with one straight edge and three wide prongs, for use as a fork, and for sweeping up the sauce. If enough people sign up to bring back the spork........