My Yard SS12


Written by Hannah Hodsman
Photos and illustrations by Hannah Hodsman
28 Monday 28th May 2012

My Yard

For the past 6 years,  independent clothing retailer My Yard made a name for themselves in Bristol as the go-to store for the latest graphic tees and trend setting prints. Collaborating with local artists and designers has always been about careful selection, a distinctive creative vision and art direction that goes above and beyond the mainstream.

Back in February, My Yard closed it’s doors on Park Street to move on to pastures new, to push their online site in the world of internet shopping. They have been very busy working on their new range since the shop front closed and the boys are back with a bang with their brand spanking new web store. My Yard is going global!

So where have they been?

Sticking to their roots and staying in Bristol, My Yard have set up camp in a stunning studio come office where all the magic happens. We hooked up with the boys to find out about the new website, their new vision and just what they have up their sleeves for us.

The intention was never just to run a shop but to build a concept and a brand, taking creative direction not just in the sense of fashion, but in terms of lifestyle. Promoting and collaborating to act as a platform for local designers worked well for them in the past, it is only now since closing the store My Yard’s own Tim and Jake have been able to sit down, reassess and get involved in all aspects of the brand, including designing. My Yard have successfully refined their pieces into a substantial yet unique men’s collection, complete with the long awaited women’s line, all available online.

Going Global

It became apparent as European and international stores looked to My Yard for stock, the market for it’s fresh patterns and slick designs was much bigger than it’s hometown of Bristol. My Yard have always been conscious of where their clothing is stocked, but with apparel reaching a national level, thanks to a little help from retail giant ASOS, not to mention the shores of Ibiza, Taiwan, Japan and soon to be China and Germany, it seems only right they could offer a way of shopping for their global clientele. For a small, independent retailer to make such headway into the world of fashion is no mean feat and for My Yard, this is only the beginning.

The website itself is slick and clean, just like their designs, boasting a new way to shop online. Every item in both collections are photographed in their studio (with some rather dapper looking models) to create the SS12 Look Book for the shopper’s perusal. But for those who aren’t one to trawl the internet, My Yard have also put together their ‘Key Trends’ page where you will find the hottest styles this season, complete with their own twist and suggestions as to how you can put it together. For the visionaries behind My Yard, it has always been about style hunting, and they are very kindly sharing their words of wisdom.

Alongside their designs, sweet sunglasses courtesy of Spitfire and a few other selected pieces from guest designers, My Yard are ready and set to show the world how to dress, and by jove they’ve got it right. Here at Don’t Panic we are big fans of all the range they have to offer (and have already been rocking their stuff for a few years now) so we are very excited to announce the competition we have for you to win £150 to spend on their new clothing!

Have a gander at the full collection and sort out your summer wardrobe!

For your chance to win:


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