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Metrosexual vs Manly


25 Monday 25th October 2010

Has the rugged masculine man been pushed aside to make way for the sensitive, fashion conscious man of the 21st century? Has the stereotypical macho male been replaced in favour for the type who highlights his hair and shaves more than just his face? A man who is proud to admit he exfoliates, moisturizes and owns more pairs of shoes than his girlfriend. Yes his girlfriend, for this man is not gay, he is the ‘new’ type of man that has been labelled ‘metrosexual’. But which is better? Are these metrosexuals just as manly as the conventional masculine man? Or are we loosing sight of what masculinity really is?

For anyone who is unaware of this coined term – a metrosexual man is straight but it could be said that he embraces the gay lifestyle. In some cases this particular type of man will fake tan and wax. He will not be afraid to express his feelings and pays very close attention to his sense of style and personal hygiene. He probably owns very tight jeans and shirts, perhaps along with some guyliner and manscara. Russell Brand is the walking definition of the metrosexual… the jeans, the make up, the long hair and he still has a really hot wife so don’t despair too much if you fit the criteria of the above, there’s still hope. Just don’t sob in front of girls or anything like that. Anyway surely it’s a long way off before it becomes completely socially acceptable for men to put on make up before a day at work?

The opposite type of man is über masculine and probably eats a lot of beef jerky. He will never express his feelings and likes doing all things manly such as drinking whisky, fixing cars, rescuing damsels in distress, riding motor bikes, smoking, fishing, hunting and so on. He is rough, sometimes aggressive and probably thinks of himself as that cowboy from the Marlboro Lights ads. But is this type a dying breed? Do women prefer a man who’s in touch with their more feminine side? Do men nowadays sit around taking about their feelings?

For any man who considers himself to fall into this Marlboro Man category you might be interested to know that Wrangler Blue Bell, an American Brand that originally started with a range of jeans for the working cowboy, have just released their AW Lookbook. For anyone else head down to Topman or Banana Republic, you’ll find some metrosexual clothing there. 




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  • Guest: tobinnick
    Fri 29 - Oct - 2010, 09:12
    What a peice of WANK. Go learn how to write before you put shit like this on the internet. Bollox.
  • Guest: fajklfa
    Thu 28 - Oct - 2010, 20:28
    This is the most retarded piece of shit I have read in a long time. What you get from this article is: Inbred slob=man Well groomed and well dressed man = metrosexual If you take it in a historical context men have always taken great care in their apperance. Just look at those who are pusing retiering now. Those were more manly, and the women were more feminim. Only in the last decades the men of the west have fallen too such lows.
  • Guest: smithnick97
    Thu 28 - Oct - 2010, 16:46
    What a badly written article. It was clearly knocked out in five minutes.