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Written by Suzie McCracken
01 Tuesday 01st May 2012

What cartoons did you watch when you were younger? Did any of those inspire your bags?

We loved cartoons, comic books and animations. We still do! Japanese manga is especially popular, and comedy manga like Super Radical Gag Family is funny and provides inspiration in all it's detail. Besides that, everything can be an inspiration! While the Asian elements are not immediately apparent, the bags tell of our cultural origin and mindsets. Our design concepts are formulated with the influence of local cultures. Taiwan is a small island that embraces a diverse range of people and this helps us shape our designs.

The catwalks have been pretty dull for the last while, but things are starting to get more fun again with people like Tavi Gevison inspiring the big labels. Are your bags a part of the backlash to how insipid things got? Are you trying to return that sense of playfulness to fashion?

The intention of Jump From Paper from the very beginning has been to make people look beautiful, unique and let them vocalize their individual styles. We like to interpret fashion in our own way, and we are glad to find that people identify with what we’re doing. We like things to be amusing and playful.

Have you ever seen somebody wearing one of your bags in the street? Did you say anything to them?

Yes we have seen people wearing Jump From Paper bags in the street several times! It felt odd the first time. We almost rushed up to them to say, "Hey, how do you like it? That's my design!" We are pleased that stylish people like our bags. Life can be full of imagination and surprises, so we want to enjoy it. We like that other people seem to agree.


Are you hoping to make other items of clothing in 2D or are bags your main passion?

We hope to keep creating things and surprising people. We always have new ideas flying around, new styles, new products lines... so clothes, shoes, nothing is impossible. Anything could happen, we don't set limits.

I love how some of the bags are even big enough to hold a laptop in. Was making the bags practical always an important aim when you were designing them?

Form and function are always crucial and indispensable to product design. When it came to Jump From Paper, we wanted to make our customers look beautiful and unique, so form that came first. However, the production process as well as the user experience have helped us take function into account to a higher level.

You've got a lot of blog coverage lately, is this something you ever anticipated? Does it excite you?

We were really happy and surprised to find Jump From Paper getting lots of coverage, and we are really grateful to all the bloggers and media. We would love to see how fashion/lifestyle bloggers or their readers use our bags with the other stylish items in their closets. The response from users is direct and honest, which helps us learn about customers' needs, likes and dislikes and what we could do better.

The photographs of your bags with the models are beautiful, Did you guys have a hand in the concepts?

We’re glad you like them! We weren’t alone when we started the line - Pinzaan is responsible for Jump From Paper's branding. While more and more fabulous Taiwanese designs are happening, many of them are a flash in the pan. Due to the lack of a publisher who specializes in the commercialization of design, lots of design work fails to be merchandised and soon it disappears. Pinzaan is dedicated to helping Taiwanese designers launch their works and glow on the world stage. We love working with them!

When will we see a UK stockist? I can't wait to get my hands on one!

Since the first debut in Taiwan in September 2010, we have received a lot of inquiries from passionate people all over the world. Since 2011 we have started to work with distributors and resellers in countries like the US, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and some countries in Europe. We are now looking for more distributors and retailers. We will certainly keep you posted!

Need to nab a Jump From Paper bag? You can order one here.

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