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Conductivity: Fazer & Vauxhall film


Written by Suzie McCracken
28 Tuesday 28th February 2012

The pair begin the two minute film by looking effortlessly groomed and slow-mo walking with Daft Punk headwear. With Brixton boy Jak FrSH as director and the styling orchestrated by menswear designer James Small, it’s unsurprising that the film has sleek and futuristic stamped all over it. After their ride in Vauxhall’s new electric automobile, the Ampera, the stylish couple descends into a graffiti adorned underground club. Urban and beautiful people get their respective grooves on whilst Fader and Zara appear to be unperturbed by how sweaty they must be inside their designer leathers.

And that’s not all; even more collaborating is afoot. Vauxhall’s Fashion Scout arm has been showcasing LFW designers for twelve seasons now, and 2012 saw the aforementioned Fazer taking a stab at strutting James Small’s catwalk. Small previously collaborated with Mulberry and Commes des Garcons before speeding ahead with his own label in 2010.

See Fazer wearing an “I’m the bees knees” grin and swaggering down the floor in some of Small’s Autumn/Winter 2012 finery above. Fazer was also accompanied by bearded beauty Jack Guiness, the man who shares many attributes with his namesake beverage. Like the fact many people would like to lick his head.

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