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Written by Hannah Hodsman
02 Monday 02nd July 2012

The Olympics are nearly upon us, Wimbledon is in full swing and the football...well that didn’t end too well. This is the summer of British sport, which probably explains why it hasn’t stopped raining. Let’s not let that dampen our spirits, for Ping! is here to lighten the mood and continue the sporting madness!

Ping! is sweeping the UK with over 520 ping pong tables, springing up across London, Bristol, Liverpool, Brighton, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leicester and the New Forest from the 29th June to the 26th July- let the games begin! Popping up everywhere from parks and squares to landmarks and shopping centres, Bristol Zoo to the SS Great Britain, the Cathedral or the Old Vic, you can join in the fun for free, so long as you remember your table manners. I.E don’t be the douche who doesn’t return the ball.

With support from the National Lottery and in partnership with The English Table Tennis Association (ETTA), Ping! was set up by Sing London, a team with the aim of lifting public morale and generating social intervention, as seen previously through projects such as the London’s Street Pianos.

Random Acts Of Ping Pong

Having proven to be one of the most successful sports participation projects in the UK, attracting 150,000 participants to date, Ping! have arranged a scheduled programme of events (alongside the free for all pop up tables) offering everything from masterclasses to musical rap-Ping, the Science of Spin and Meet Your Match - a singles only event. I speak from personal experience when I say ping pong is rather addictive even when lacking in hand eye coordination.

Ping Skilling takes place every Tuesday throughout July at the Princess Street table, where you can learn the ropes from ETTA coaches, followed by the Ping Pong Parlour, Bristol’s regular ping pong night complete with DJ’s, sofas, a fire pit and of course, free games of ping pong.

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Happy pinging!

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