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Female Circumcision


Written by Isabel Palmer
02 Wednesday 02nd September 2009


This disturbing video shows an infant going through the procedure. Afterwards her legs are tied together to allow the wound to heal.

Community and religious leaders often uphold the practice. In Egypt, a female circumcision ban was issued in 2007 after the death of a 12-year-old girl, but it didn't last long. Egypt's health minister Dr Ali Abdul Fatah Omaar later declared to the world: "We have no plans to ban this operation by introducing legislation, but we are looking at ways for it to be carried out by qualified doctors and under proper medical supervision."

In some parts of the Middle East FGC is practiced in secrecy. In Iraqi Kurdistan they practice Sunna circumcision, the most common form in the Islamic world, which requires removal of the clitoral prepuce, sometimes called a hoodectomy. Some Muslims who practice FGC try to attribute it to a tradition taught by the Prophet Mohamed, but opponents including other Muslims, argue that it is not a religious practice at all, but rather a cultural tradition that is rooted in poverty, lack of education, and superstition.

So why are western women now increasingly electing to have surgery to make their lady bits look like a porn star's? Many western women consensually agree to a similar type of Sunna circumcision in its less invasive form, which is an elective surgery undertaken to "improve" their sexlife in cases where the hood of the clitoris is too tight, according to, a pro-circumcision website.

Is extreme genital grooming such as vaginoplasty just another form of genital mutilation, albeit consensual? And is it really consensual - are not the culturally based misogynistic views and images we encounter just another form of brainwashing?

Women who think that they have a "mutant" vagina a la Cronenberg's Dead Ringers may want a 'fix'. And surgeons like Dr. Robert H. Stubbs are always ready and willing perform their ('art') work... for a fee of course.

These before and after pictures are of a labia minora reduction and clitoral unhooding (known as a 'Toronto Trim'), and a labia majora augmentation, by Dr Stubbs, a Canadian cosmetic surgeon who claims to be part surgeon, part artist and "a descendent of George Stubbs, the famous British painter and anatomist".


Something for the weekend? I'll have the "Horatio Caine"... opposed to the "Abu Hamza".

So if a person pays ££££s for their lady bits to be cut up it's accepted as long as some crackpot is making money from it in the name of capitalism.

The pro female-circumcision group has more before and after pictures and discussion here.

For more information about Female Genital Mutilation in Africa go to the World Health Organisation here.

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  • Guest: marine.ag72
    Sun 28 - Jul - 2013, 05:28
    Carry on muslims extremists after killing 2200 million people worldwide now you are torturing your own daughters. But can't mutilate assholes of your bitches just find another crazy trick just insert bamboos in their assholes hahaha motherfucker muslims thoooo on your faces
  • Guest: sehlatsanateboho
    Wed 29 - May - 2013, 04:09
    screw dis in both males and females, its fucking barbaric. Fuck whoever came up with that idea and those who believe in it.
  • Guest: wiseasmuch
    Sat 20 - Apr - 2013, 18:00
    Is the best thing to do. western word don't know the important but Africa does.
  • Guest: Goodone66
    Fri 14 - Sep - 2012, 06:54
    Get rid of these crazy f-wits. I will be the first to put my hand up !!!
  • Guest: ngobbey
    Wed 21 - Dec - 2011, 16:59
    It simply the removal of the most precious gift that God gave WOMANKIND. Totally outragouslly ridiculous
  • Guest: kportuese
    Thu 27 - Oct - 2011, 01:47
    I think no one has a right to treat any human being like that. Sick. If it were up to me, I would chain up as many of these idiots to the back of my truck and then drag them down the street.
  • Guest: spoomam
    Sat 23 - Jul - 2011, 16:22
    I think circumcision is must for girls / ladies .
  • Guest: sceneelsie
    Sat 16 - Jul - 2011, 02:19
    The way a labia minora makes you feel is terrible, and for you to compare it to sewing up a little girls vagina is horrific, and completely wrong. If someone goes through with the surgery we are drugged, and usually grown adults.
  • Guest: leah.longpre
    Tue 12 - Jul - 2011, 03:53
    I would get it done if I could afford it.
  • Guest: b4327059
    Wed 15 - Jun - 2011, 22:23
    Filthy fucking backward savages that deserve to live in squalour. Disgusting attempts at being a human. And we give aid to countries like this? Wake up Western World, let these people rot in their own filth.
  • Guest: dazza1985
    Wed 25 - May - 2011, 19:59
    I Think that it is sick that male mutilation in the usa is still tolerated and at one point was the law why is nothing ever said about the mutilation of the male penis ?
  • Guest: linda.mermaid
    Mon 16 - May - 2011, 14:40
    FGC is a major euphamism. This should always be called FGM - the M standing for mutilation. This is a sick sick sick practice and I hope you all burn in your version of hell for practicing and promoting it.
  • Guest: shadowwight
    Sun 15 - May - 2011, 23:07 adult female choosing to have the procedure done, for personal aesthetic reasons, by a trained physician with appropriate sterile indtruments in a sterile environment can hardly be compared to a young girl being forced to have the procedure done (or else!) by a bunch of non physician woman using inappropriate instruments in a decidedly non sterile environment. That's not an apples to oranges comparison...more like apples to a steaming pile of poo. If an actual woman...not a teen who is forced to behave like one...wants to, without suffering coercive tactics, have the procedure done, I doubt if most people would have a problem with it. They may think she's an idiot, but that's a different matter entirely.
  • Guest: mrass
    Sat 04 - Sep - 2010, 20:59
    thats much painful young girls and also they must not be forced to go through the process