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Christine O'Donnell is a Witch


28 Tuesday 28th September 2010
It has been revealed that Christine O’Donnell, the religious Tea Party campaigner who puts Christ into Christine, has a shady satanic past. Video clips of O’Donnel back in 1999 are being aired by Bill Maher on his semi-satire show on HBO, O’Donnel used to feature on his show ‘Politically incorrect’ back in the 90s and he is airing the footage that could potentially ruin her career every week until she agrees to be on his show. He said “Christine, its like a hostage crisis, every week you don’t show up I’m going to throw another body out there”.
The footage reveals her admitting that she “dabbled in witchcraft but never joined a coven” and her first date with a witch “was on a satanic altar with a little blood there”. Religious followers of the Tea Party are now looking for answers from her however she cancelled two Sunday morning chat shows after the clip aired on Friday. She denied any connection between the clip and the reasoning for her cancellations. But it speaks for itself she didn’t want to have to explain her curiosity with witchcraft and a date with a guy involving blood from possible animal sacrifices. Maybe no one would be bothered; after all don’t we all have a dating story like this? Yeah ok maybe not.
Yet, this is not the only footage damaging Christine’s squeaky-clean profile. There is a clip of her claiming that she never lies and even if she was hiding Jews in World War 2 and Nazi’s were knocking at her door, she would not lie because “God would provide a way”. Hmm sure whatever you say Christine. Bill Maher fittingly responded by telling her to “shut up”.
O’Donnell has also drawn widespread scorn after another clip from the 90s revealed her saying that masturbation is a sin. “The bible says lust in your heart is committing adultery, you can’t masturbate without lust’. Right, so masturbating is a selfish sin but witchcraft and Satanism are ok. She went on to say that “if he can please himself then why am I in the picture”. She seems to think that its only men who are subject to this desire and furthermore think that condoms are “anti-human”.

Bill Maher says that he has 22 episodes of her from over 10 years ago that he will continue to air until she comes on the show to defend herself. Can’t wait to see what other great comments she comes up with.  

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