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Charity Offers UK Christian £200 to be sterilized


Written by Marlon Dolcy
28 Thursday 28th October 2010

Christian charities have condemned a £200 payment to a Christian to get a vasectomy as manipulative and ethically questionable.

The incentive payment was made for the first time in the UK to Mr Gregory Stuarts of Hendon, (known as Tim) a 31 year old practicing Anglican who had recently just married. The donation was made by a controversial media company based in London, which aimed to target religious beliefs.
Mr Stuarts claimed on broadcast television that it was the money which spurned him to make the decision.
Operation Trinity, set up by Josie Packer from Brixton has been compared by critics to the Nazi eugenics programme. The idea was borne after having been subjected to a verbal onslaught by a man outside Brixton tube station raving about “god collecting taxes” while he was waiting to get money from the cash machine.
Sterilising Christians seems to be the group’s main aim, as this particular denomination seems to hold considerable power. However the group’s statement claimed that it is targeting all organised and organised religion, including Hare Krishnas.
In defence of the criticisms, Ms Packer claimed that the initiative helped prevent child abuse. “If people who hold religious beliefs have children, they will then be subjected to such activities as being forced to go to church, wear a burka or most importantly be falsely taught that fairy tales are part of the world’s history.”
Operation Trinity are not limiting themselves sorely to the UK. They intend to expand their enterprises to the US and to Pakistan. It has been reported that Bruce Dickenson of the band Iron Maiden may donate enough funds to help them realise this potential to make it a global outreach program.
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