We Fell To Earth


Written by Dont't Panic
15 Saturday 15th November 2008
A duo of ex-UNKLE man Richard File and Wendy Rae FowlerWe Fell to Earth, is a mélange of dance and rock. As a result, their music contains ghostly wailing (thanks Wendy) and pulsating electronic pulses and bleeps (thanks Richard). Holly Eells got an exclusive chance to catch up with them.
You are about to head off on a European Tour with Air this month. Exciting stuff. What do you enjoy most and what will you miss?  
New territory is always inspiring. It’s great to lose yourself in the unfamiliar... But I realised a long time ago that however long you're away you don't miss anything.
You have just returned from a U.K tour with the The Big Pink. Any backstage gossip? 
They're a great band and all super nice people... We had a lot of fun both on and off stage... Nuff said.
Having dabbled with Queens of The Stone Age and UNKLE, what made you want to form We Fell To Earth?  
I was lucky to meet Wendy at a point in our lives where we were both looking for inspiration. We Fell To Earth are the result of that.   
You have had various tracks played in U.S dramas; does this mean anything to you?
It enables your music to reach people in parts of the world you haven't yet played shows, so when you do finally arrive they know you're coming.  
What track means the most to you on the album?  
The double (which features on the soundtrack of American TV show Gossip Girl).
You have both worked with big, successful bands, where do you draw your inspiration? 
As many different genres of music as possible.
How would you describe your music in three 3 words?  
Hypnotic / uplifting / infectious
Any artists / bands / producers that you are liking at the moment?
Ivan Ink+Pen, Gramme, HTRK, The Gaa Gaas cover of 'crookes and criminals', The Flaming Lips new record, Factory Floors, Banjo or Freakout to name a few.
What’s next on the agenda?  
To play at as many venues as humanly as possible before disappearing into the studio to make some new music to play at as many venues as humanly possible before…
Your single Deaf is released on the 16th Nov. Why should we go buy it?  
Because you like it?  

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