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These New Puritans


Written by Johny Chhetri
20 Tuesday 20th July 2010

These New Puritans are one of the most exciting acts to originate from these shores using a wide range of techniques, instruments and effects to create pretty sinister sounding tracks.

Things have always been looking up for the Southend-on-Sea collective ever since debut album Beat Pyramid was released to much critical acclaim as was sophomore album Hidden. They played Lovebox this weekend on the Gaymer’s stage alongside acts like Yeasayer and Empire of the Sun.
Their set was brilliant the band played really well, lead singer Jack Barnett donned the staged in chain mail and performed to the highest degree with the rest of the band, showing why These New Puritans have been hailed as one of the country’s best live acts by many.
After their amazing set we talked to singer Jack Barnett about what lies ahead for These New Puritans…
So how has your Lovebox been so far?
Quite good, we circled around the park for about an hour, looking for a way to get in and I thought we played well.
Same here. Anyone you’re looking forward to seeing?
I think Roxy Music, just through obligation really.
Have you seen any acts that have caught your eye so far?
Not here, we literally just got here and played, so now is our time to just hang around for a bit.
What’s it like being in a band with your brother (George Barnett, Drums)? My brother and I are like Cain and Abel.
It’s hard to say, we’re probably a bit like that. I’ve only been in this band, I’ve never been in any other band and I’ve played music with him since I was really young, probably 12 or something, and continued to play music since that time.
We’re extremely different, he always sees the details and I always see the bigger picture. There’s always friction between us, sometimes he’ll be productive and sometimes I’m productive but hopefully we’ll be more productive.
Are your parents proud of you two bonding together?
Umm, yeah. My mum’s got posters of us framed on the wall and my dad’s got all our records on the wall.
What have you got planned for the next few months?
We’re releasing Hologram as a single, and then we’re doing a big production of Hidden. We’re playing it in its entirety as it was recorded with a 15-piece brass and wooden ensemble and three percussionists playing all different types of percussion instruments.
Are you going to have the massive gong too?
We’ve got gongs and big taiko drums too, everything. Also, for the Barbican show, we’re probably going to get a children’s choir, but I’m not 100% sure if that’s gonna happen, but it’s gonna be really huge.
You recently hid tickets up and down the country, what was the catalyst for that idea?
The subject of the album is ‘hidden’, ingenious! But in all seriousness, I like clues and answers and stuff like that, I’ve always found it interesting and fun.
Have you got a message for the youth of today?
Stay out of trouble, go to school? We don’t really have a message. We just try to make beautiful stuff, that’s our aim.

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