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Suuns Rising


Written by Yusuf Laher
07 Monday 07th February 2011

And how did you decide on Suuns? What does it even mean?

JY: Pronounced soons, it means Zeroes in Thai. It was hard to change our name, because nothing sounds good. This was the least annoying one that we could settle on. It’s grown on us.

In interviews, you’ve said that you couldn’t write a huge album if you tried. So you’re firm believers in the saying ‘less is more’ then?

BS: I don’t think any of us are firm believers in anything. However, I believe less is more, most of the time. Sometimes more is more. That works too.
LO: That’s definitely a phrase that gets thrown around at rehearsal, and it’s an ideology that works well for our music. I think “firm believers” might be overstating it, because we all realise that there are so many instances where grandiose production is totally appropriate. It’s just not something that would feel appropriate for our music.  

What’s your favourite huge album then?     

LO: The Flaming Lips, The Soft Bulletin.
JY: The Beatles, Abbey Road.
MH: Minutemen, Double Nickels on the Dime.

What were you listening to when you wrote Zeroes QC?

LO: I don’t remember exactly, but now that I hear the record, I guess I could infer that I was probably into Television and some of that really post-punky stuff, like Wire. Wire’s a band that I really admire because of that creative restlessness they have. And if you were a critic, you’d probably tell me that I was listening to Clinic. I’d believe you.  

What was on your minds at the time?

LO: We were probably all just trying to stay alive. January in Montreal can be a dark time.

Does that mean you always have to look miserable and intense in your publicity photos?

MH: Well that’s kind of a prerequisite for publicity photos, isn’t it?  Chances are we’re just really cold.

You started out in 2007, are you surprised by how quickly things have shifted into gear for you?

LO: “Surprised” would be a good word, yes. The first two years were pretty slow. It took that long before our project was fully formed and we had the money to make an album etc…  But after we finished the record – about a year ago – up until now has been a real whirlwind. If you’d told me one year ago that we’d have all the plans we have today, I’d have never believed you.

And making all the bands to watch in 2011 lists in the UK, was that a nice surprise?

LO:  Definitely. I mean, that kind of stuff is always nice and encouraging and surprising. But honestly, I try not to think about it too much. Media is what media is what media is what media is… and it doesn’t necessarily correlate to the real world or the band or the music we make, which is the world I try to keep my head in. The media world is its own universe and, in my limited experience, I feel like it can really eat you if you get too caught up in it.

Has the reaction been the same worldwide?

BS:  Reaction in Europe has been really great. The States too. Weirdly, Canada is where we get the least attention. Except in Quebec, which is dope.
LO:  I’d like to say yes, but it seems that the reception in the UK/Europe has been a little more exciting than elsewhere. But then again, I don’t think about that stuff, right?  

Are you looking forward to hitting Europe this February?

BS:  Hell yes.
MH: Absolutely.

What’s the most touristy thing you’re looking forward to?
BS:  The only thing I insist on seeing on this short tour is the new Centre Pompidou in Metz, France.
MH: Paris cafes.

I’m reading Brett ‘The Hitman’ Hart’s bio, who are some of your favourite Canadians?

MH: Too many to name, but off the top of my head: Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell and the cast and crew of How It’s Made.

What about Canadian food, big clamato fans?

BS: Huge fans. That’s the only thing we have on our rider. Ten cases of clamato.
MH: Bloody Caesars, sure.

What’s your take on aging rockstars trying to make a buck? Have you seen any of Iggy Pop’s Swiftcover car insurance ads?

BS: Haven’t seen it. Don’t care. Iggy Pop has recorded some of the most seminal music of our time. Let’s not forget that. I’d do it. I’m broke.
MH: No. That’s a shame. Well, whatever. He probably doesn’t give a fuck, and I probably wouldn’t either after his life.

What are your plans for the rest of 2011, post Europe?

MH: More playing. States, Canada. Should be good fun,

For more info and tour dates visit Zeroes QC is out now on Secretly Canadian.

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