Review: Ministry Of Sound- 'Future Bass' Compilation.


Written by Katrina Sophia
10 Monday 10th September 2012

We want smooth. We want seductive. We want something that rather than head bang to, we can pull out our best moves and pretend we’re Rihanna to.

Ministry of Sound’s latest compilation manages to roll all our needs into one. The two disc Future Bass spectacular takes you on a journey through some of the key future bass tracks that have been pivotal to its development, as well as some of the latest beats to have recently emerged.

Our smooth comes from Hostage’s ‘Creep’ and Huxley’s ‘Let it Go’

Our seductive comes in the form of Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ ‘Stronger’ and George FitzGerald’s 'Child'

And for you people who still like to go hard, Hudson Mohawke’s ‘Thunderbay’ and TNGHT’s ‘Reaching for Higher Ground’ brings out the brass to dangerous effect.

One of the stand-out tracks to me though, was newbie Karma Kid’s twisting remix of Bwana’s ‘Baby, Let me finish’. It seems to blend everything we want in Futurebass. With an opening which reflects Burial and Disclosure, the track is dropped into a beautifully made mix of teasing pauses and high trills of percussion, complementing a mix of high, low and mid vocal hits in the track.

A mid section brings in a warped bass to satisfy anyone near enough a decent speaker to whip out a few head nods and sly dancing.  And then we’re taken back to a new high of hearing the first drop, with occasional gutsy bass. I personally love this. Don’t mess with what you have, keep it going. And I’ll be waiting to hit replay.

Another track which I found myself constantly rewinding was Shadow Child’s ‘String Thing'.

Oh my Lorddd this track!

With an intro of pumping kicks, lo-fi hits and soothing string samples, I originally mistook it for the more Pangaea and early Blawan realms of techno. And then. That drop.

It’s a sine which cuts you. It’s smooth, there’s nothing even remotely harsh. Like a fine cappuccino there’s a kick (am I really comparing music to coffee?) and yet.

It. Drives. You. Mad... And it very much takes me back to Mr Ozio’s ‘Flat Beat’. Now all we need is Flat Eric and I'll be off the walls. Oh My LORD this track!

And as for Tapa’s ‘Slap in the Bass’… My ass is actually sore from my frugal attempts of copying Beyonces ‘Crazy in Love’ routine to this (That’s what happens when you watch the Box and then listen to this) Weird happenings.

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