On the right tracks: Ghostpoet


06 Tuesday 06th September 2011

London based hip hop newcomer Obaro 'Ghostpoet' Ejimiwe has just started his UK tour. Having just been signed to Gilles Peterson's label Brownswood, his debut album Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam was nominated for the Mercury Prize. His signature sound can be described as the disquieted diary entries of the stressed out inner city every-man. We catch up with this fresh new musical talent as his busy schedule sees him aboard the train.



“I'm just on a train at the moment so if I cut out that's because I'm getting off at the next stop” said Emijiwe. He tells me that his main focus at the moment is to get more and more people listening to his music. “At the moment the seemingly reserved artist holds his cards close to his chest by stating that most of his time is taken up with “lots of gigs and musical endeavour”.
As to what fans can expect from a live Ghostpoet performance, the rapper said: “As a fan of music I like to have a live element to my performances. I'm glad I chose to have a live band as it's easy to go on stage with a laptop and a microphone. Other artists do it and it works for them but for me it makes sense this way”



As the tannoy announced a muffled message, Ejimiwe explained that the most exciting thing for him at the moment was: “playing for new people, people who have never heard my music before. I'm ooking forward to every gig that's coming up”.


Despite his obvious hunger for success, the nonchalant rapper said: “I'm not obsessed with gaining media coverage, I just want to get my music out to as many people as possible, the main demographics seem to be everyone at the moment; young, old, black, white. I never said that this year would be my year but people are much more open nowadays to different styles of music” he continues: “I think the industry is really interesting at the moment where people are making all different sorts of sounds; interesting styles are being born every day.”


When asked about his unique style and if anyone had ever tried to shape or change it, Ejimiwe said: “No. I make the music that I want to make and I'll always continue to make the music I want to make and if a label wants to get involved with me then they need to understand that.” he explained the source of his style and inspiration: “It's every day life which is always around me. Things that I do every day are life's fuel for inspiration really”


As he drew closer to his destination, Ghostpoet talks about his relationship with Gilles Peterson, being on the A list for BBC 6Music and the Brownswood record label: “It's great working with Gilles Peterson. I thank him a lot for giving me the chance to put an album out and get involved. 6Music is a great station, I want to be played on every station possible but 6Music have helped me out a lot.”

An exciting year lined up for an exciting artist. 2011 into 2012 sees Ghostpoet tour the UK, Europe and even venture to the other side of the world to showcase his talent in Australia.


Myspace - www.myspace.com/ghostpoet

Facebook - www.facebook.com/ghostpoetfb 

Twitter - twitter.com/ghostpoet

Website (Tour dates etc) http://www.ghostpoet.co.uk

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