Medicial Sounds Interview


Written by Blanca Munoz
18 Tuesday 18th September 2012


Blanca Munoz

Medicinal Sounds is a musical ecstasy that guarantees quality music and positive vibes for affordable prices. With the likes of Dub Mafia, Buggsy and the soon to perform Mad Professor heating up the dance floors

A little rowdiness in our lives is the perfect escape to the everyday, a way to feel free for just one night. Medicinal Sounds, an up and coming Sound System born in Norwich and developed in Bristol, has the antidote to let yourself go; they are always ready to make some noise with underground sounds, great bands and live musical productions.

Mario Booth is one of the organisers of this musical venture that shows that you don't have to pay a high price to enjoy the best music.

Don’t panic: What does music mean for Medicinal Sounds: passion or business?

Mario: Passion is a key part in any project you tackle. Medicinal Sounds was created with a love for music, but also a way of meeting new people and exploring different music. Of course, if we could survive from just organising nights it would be our ideal job.

DP: What’s your key to making a party turn into a good night?

M: We’ve found that the key to making Medicinal a night to remember is by thinking about what you miss from music events and what you’d like to see at future events. Also by looking back at your previous experiences is a must, always developing and keeping it fresh. But I think an integral thing is the crowd that you attract. We’re all about good people having a good time. No fussing and fighting!

DP:  It must be arduous to start from the ground to become a popular musical crew in a city like Bristol. How do you manage it?

M: Different people with different expertise form our team and this helps bring a lot to the table. It gives us the perfect atmosphere to work in and make this madness we call Medicinal Sounds possible. Plus we get a lot of help from our friends who are always happy to put up a few posters. Oh and a shit load of hard work!

DP: Mad Professor is playing this Saturday with you in one of the most legendary venues in Bristol, Lakota. How difficult is for you to get such a Lord of Dub for your parties?

M: Booking the artists is not the most difficult part of the organising really. Actually, building up an efficient event, creating enough hype to get enough people through the door so we can develop the night. So far so good though! We’re always trying to improve our night from the last as well. For example, we’re going all out on the décor this time, so expect to see Lakota looking a little different from what you are used to…

DP: If you Medicinal Sounds could choose any artist to form part at one of your nights, who would it be?

M: That’s a difficult question, it would probably be somebody who has already passed way. I would personally bet for Dennis Brown... Anyway, the list would go on forever, there’s just so much good music out there! Damian Marley would be nice, as long as he apologised for that Skrillex tune! Haha.

DP:  Could you give us an insight into your next night?

M: Let’s just say that, as it’s our first birthday in Bristol, we’ll have not only an expanded range of the finest music. We’ll have more than just music to stimulate your ears and eyes.  Oh! And some live Hip-hop…

Are you ready to take the antidote? This Saturday, 22th September. At ten o’clock in Lakota, Bristol. Stop looking for an after-Brisfest party: you have already found it.



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