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Written by Lucy Natek
31 Tuesday 31st August 2010


The moment music buffs have been waiting for nearly three years has finally arrived, as the London trendsetting trinity going by the name of Klaxons, has released the heavily anticipated second album Surfing The Void. The nu-rave poster band, whose debut album brought home the Mercury prize, look at their new born album with pride, not regretting the time it took for them to make it just right, and not worrying too much about what people will say about it. In fact, Simon Taylor-Davis, James Righton, and Jamie Reynolds, the self proclaimed clean and sober party boys, have only one goal right now, and that is to be young, have fun, and stick to doing what they love the most. And who can possibly argue the logic of that?
Your second album is finally out. Why did it take you so long to make it?
We were touring for ages after the first album came out, and we don't write on the road. Plus the way we write music, is very specific for this band. We like to take time, and to work slowly on lots of little ideas, before our songs are good enough. You have to take your time if you want to do the best that you can. If you rush dinner, you burn the food.
Can a song or an album ever be perfect, though?
It can never be perfect, but at one point you decide you're not going to go back on it. You just have to leave it once it's done, and move on, but it can never be absolutely perfect.
Did you want to move away from the nu-rave poster child band with the new album?
We didn't have a conversation about creating a new sound, but we did end up with louder guitars, and livelier drums. We actually had a drummer this time around. That being said, we were never an electro band, we have music you can move to, but there are bands out there that are way more electronic than the Klaxons.
So you didn't decide to work with Ross Robinson because of his nu metal and rock portfolio?
We decided to work with Ross because we really liked him as a person. Of course we liked his work and ideas, but when it comes to making music, you have to make a connection on a personal level. Same goes for us, if we didn't like each other, we wouldn't be in a band together.
What does the album title Surfing The Void mean?
It means catching the best wave possible, the most positive, most incredible wave ever, and that experience, that overshadows all the negativity, and all the bad stuff around you.
The Klaxons are a positive bunch, I gather?
Absolutely. There is no negativity here. People like to be negative too often, but it's always good to be positive. It's good to hug, it's good to kiss, it's good to cuddle. Love is all you need.
Whats the best part of being a young rockstar?
You get away with a lot of things, you dont have to have any responsibility, and you get to travel all over. It's like you are given a license to be permanently stupid, naive, excitable, and fun all the time. Its like your aging process slows down, and your adolescence is extended.
Can you describe each Klaxon with one word?
Simon: Idiot, James: sex, and Jamie: shaman.
I think I have a good title for this interview.
You have a brilliant title.
Which track from the new album would you guys recommend to a Klaxons virgin?
Future memories.


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