Hounds of Hate


28 Monday 28th June 2010

Hounds of Hate’s recent single I like Triangles is as good as anything we’ve heard this year. Almost surgically attached to elusive psychedelic-performance duo Hype William, joining them in improv-collective The Bo Khat Eternal Troof Family Band, the Dalston-based three-piece mix live synths with hip-hop inspired drum machine beats in concocting their minimal acid-tinged dubby electronica. Recently Hounds played with Caribou and Fuck Buttons whilst touring the States, their next live outing being on the XOYO/Lock Tavern stage at Field Day in July.
They put together this exclusive mixtape for Don’t Panic and answered a few of our questions.
Hounds of Hate’s mixtape tracks as follows: 
Felt - Dance Of Deliverance
2 In a Room - Somebody in the House Say Yeah
Hi, I'm Spongebob - Juke Song [MUST HEAR!!!]
Steve Thomsen - On Our Way
Sensations Fix - Space Closure
Steve Hillage - Leylines to Glassdom
Ween - One Love for Boognish
Thieves Like Us - Never Known Love (Hounds of Hate re-up)
Omar Souleyman - Kaset Hansal (Drinking from the glass of bitterness)
Steel Pulse - Rollerskates (chopped & screwed by DJ Screw)
William Onyeabor - Better Change Your Mind
TJ Hustler - The Individual You
Roland Bocquet - Epsilove
Petter - Untight
Armando & Steve Poindexter - Black Holes (The Sun God remix)
Leron Carson - Mechanism
Joe R. Lewis - Love of My Own 
Things are going well you for three right now. How was it touring the US?
Yeah, alright.  Mids to highs. 
You played with Caribou and Fuck Buttons, how did those gigs come about? What was the best thing about them?
Hassan went to highschool with Dan Snaith of Caribou so that came about through nepotism.  We spotted Fuck Buttons at one of our gigs and sucked up to them in hopes they would get us booked but in the process found out they were genuinely outstanding people and thus we learned a lesson about our own fickleness.
What was the whackest thing that happened when on tour?
Seeing a cyclist get crushed by a bus in Brooklyn, only weeks after our friend and video producer Jayne suffered the same fate.  Awful. 
So, tell us who you are. Where are you from and all that?
We are Eren, Hassan and Efes.  We are from Toronto and London.  Hassan plays synthesizer and drum machine, Efes plays synthesizer, and I also play synthesizer. 
What is 'dropout boogie'?
It is a Beefheart song.  Hounds of Hate started when we were kinda not doing anything and that song is our adopted motto

How do you describe your sound?
Deep and easy going elements of house and electro styles with a hint of p-funk, mixed with a subtle, lush vibe and optimistic mood. 

Tell us about the mixture you made us, what was the guiding idea behind the selection, if any? Anything on there to really blow the DP readers' minds?
Mixture in its first iteration was too reliant on top-ten US hip-hop, for which we have an unbridled affection.  Then it was decided that recycling this contributes nothing to people's playlists in the long run, so we picked a number of lesser known bands that have enough consistent material to be worth looking up.  I predict the mind-blower will be our remix of Thieves Like Us, which no one has ever heard before.  
What have you got coming up next?
We’ve just released the I Like Triangles 12", and we have another 12" with Italian Beach Babes out very very soon.  Now we’re recording a 7" called USA Nails, which will be our slowed interpretation of Chicago footwork music.  One track was featured in a Top Nice compilation CD, and we just finished work on a remix swap with Thieves Like Us.  Our next live gig is here.

Where'd the idea for your Snoop Dogg cover come from? Do you have any more in the works?
Hype Williams (the band) were going through a peripheral wind instrument phase and they'd left their melodica at our house.  We made the link between the melodica and Snoop Dogg's talk box performance, an hour later the video was up. 
How do you write your music? Is there a lot of smoking/chewing involved?
No not really. 
You've said elements of your music are parody, what are you ripping when doing that?
Uncontrolled glee.

You've been involved with other projects, like Hype Williams and the Bo Khat Eternal Troof Family Band, are those still going on?
Hype Williams is a separate entity but we do a lot together. Bo Khat Family Band still occurs in various forms. Our home studio is intended as a sort of playground for Bo Khat activities, we’ve got hours of recordings.

What other bands out there lurking in the Dalston back alleys do you recommend?
Henny Moan, Hype Williams, Male Bonding, Arch M, Radiant Dragon... we don't really like this Dalston branding however.
What inspires your music?
Vaher Eschy Aslak.
What are you listening to at the moment?
The brand new Hype Williams 12".  There's no titling on the record, I think it's a homage to weed and gyptian.

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  • Guest: Horaflora
    Wed 15 - Dec - 2010, 22:19
    Love that ween is smack dab in the middle of this mix, great stuff..