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Erol Alkan


Written by Patrick Swift
23 Sunday 23rd September 2012

You’ve also done a mix for Bugged Out! on !K7 Records which is a kind of double album with the mix and the selection. You’ve been pretty busy this year! Is this how you prefer it?

Yes, I'm really happy with the Bugged Out mixes, as the benefit of putting a mix out like 'Bugged In' is important for me. And yes, it has been a very busy few years, but that's exactly how I like it!

And of course there’s your own label, Phantasy Sound. How is that going?

Very well. We are currently expanding, and I'm really excited about 2013.

You signed up Daniel Avery to the label this year, what made you want to get him on Phantasy Sound?

I've known Daniel for a long time, and remember him from when he used to come to Trash. In respect of how much of a music fan he is, he hasn't changed since then. I've always liked his music, we get on really well, and he has a vision: those 3 things were enough for me to want to work with him. There's far better to come from him as well!

What have been your highlights of 2012 so far?

Playing with Daniel at the Phantasy party at the Sub Club in Glasgow is the most recent one.


What are you plans for 2013?

There are many, but they are also very secret.

Mixes aside, do you have any forthcoming releases we should know about?

My rework of Connan Mockasin's 'Forever Dolphin Love' is being released on Phantasy in October, along with a great remix of 'Unicorn In Uniform' from Coyote.

You’re going to be on BBC Radio 6 Music in the near future - how does it feel being asked by the BBC to do radio?

It's been great! It's very nice of the BBC to have me on there, and it gives me a chance to play a lot of music I may not get an opportunity to in clubs. I love live radio as it means I can't go back and change anything, and the response to the show has been amazing.

How is it working with Switch?

We've only spent a short while in the studio together, but we've gotten a lot down already. We tend to laugh a lot, and making music with him is a very enjoyable process.

Do you have any forthcoming dates for 2012, we know you’re playing at Fire: In Session in Vauxhall, London at the end of September.

Plenty! They are all on my website at or

I Love Techno will be released on October 3rd, and is available for preorder over at lektroluv.

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