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DJ Yasmin Interview


19 Monday 19th April 2010

Scouring the Internet is one of my favourite pastimes but recently I came across DJ Yasmin. My whole experience with hip hop DJ's in the UK has been with the comical but underrated Tim Westwood. Not to say she is even in the same league with old 'big dawg' but upon hearing about Yasmin UK hip hop started seeming a little more appealing. Maybe it was the pretty face and the lip gloss or even the fact she DJ's with some of hip hops heavy hitters. Upon quizzing her I think it's an honest and optimistic approach to a very stereotyped genre.

What was the first record you ever bought?
The first Vinyl I ever bought was a Shalamar record, I forget which one! The first CD isn't 'cool' at all, it was "The Best Dance Album In The World Ever....Part 1"

How did you get into Djing?
I'd always collected music, I delved a little deeper than what got to me on the radio or TV, but it wasn't until a friend of mine who was a DJ invited me to hang out during one of his sets, when I was there I thought it looked easy! I had a go and soon he was letting me spin a few tracks while he went to the toilet, I begged the promoter to let me warm up for the warm up DJ in the back room and the rest is history!
What's your take on UK hip hop?
I'm a fan, I like both UK Hip Hop & Grime music. I think it's come a long way and I'm very happy to be a part of this time when UK rappers are breaking into the charts. One of the UK Hip Hop tracks I'm really feeling at the moment is Skandal - Kill Em With The Flow.

Would it be fair to ask what artist you rate?
I rate a lot of artists!! Up & coming artists I rate are Devlin, Emeli Sande, Labrinth, stateside I'm really feeling a guy called Eric Roberson and rap trio Pac Div. 

Do find that being a female DJ there are some stereotypes you have to fit into or do you think it's important to shed a certain image?
People seem to think female DJs' are either tomboys or glamour models. I am neither, I'm just me, I think it's important to be true to yourself and on doing so, people will give you the respect you deserve.
Do you play what you like to listen to or what you feel the crowd want to hear?
A compromise of the two. I never play songs I really dislike though. There are so many songs I've played a million times but knowing that a crowd will go crazy for them I don't hesitate to drop them!
Who are your favourite DJ's?
There's so many DJs' I love to hear play but I'll keep it to two! DJ Naeem (Glasgow) DJ Mr Thing (DMC Champ/Extended Players) 
What projects have you got coming up?
I'm djing loads of festivals this year, I'm planning a mixtape featuring artists from the UK & America, I've also been writing and recording some material of my own.

Do you get a chance to go digging for records or are things easier now with simply getting an audio file?
I sadly don't have a large record collection, I really embraced the digital age when I began djing. For me, trawling the Internet in search of exclusive remixes and old classics are my version of digging in the crates. Not as good I'm sure, but it's what I have to do!
Do you harbor any ambitions to put out a record or get into production?
As I mentioned earlier I've been writing and recording songs for about 6 months, us DJs' often get the urge to create, I know a lot of DJs' go down the route of production but I've somehow ended up as singer/songwriter! I recently signed to Levels Recordings / Ministry of Sound so I look forward to releasing some music in the near future. 
DJ Yasmin also provided us with a mini mix available for download HERE
Here is the tracklist
Foxy Brown ft Jay-z - I'll Be (Trackmaster Remix)

Black Eyed Peas - Joints & Jams

Janet Jackson - What Have You Done For Me Lately

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - If I Take You Home

Missy Elliot - I'm Hot

N*E*R*D ft Q-Tip, Common, Mos Def - She Wants To Move (Remix)

Jay-z ft Kanye - Hate

Wu-Tang Clan - Gravel Pit

MIA - Come Around (Dr Spair & Dj Claw Remix)

Major Lazer - Pon Di Floor

Lloyd - Get It Shawty

Wookie - What's Going On

Jay-z - Jigga What Jigga Who

Twista ft Kanye West - Overnight Celebrity

Ghost Town Dj's - Shorty Swing My Way

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  • Guest: figadj
    Wed 24 - Nov - 2010, 11:39
    I'm a female dj also ( and its so nice to see ladies repping but still being just them! Go Girl! loving the new track btw
  • Guest: jedi.mon
    Tue 20 - Apr - 2010, 09:16
    cool... i dj, this article helps to move into that typical boys club arena.