Datarock's data rock


Written by James Read
15 Sunday 15th May 2011

Catcher In The Rye by DATAROCK///™

So you've made an actual Datarock, dense like a diamond with 100+ tracks and other Datarock goodies. This must be an important milestone for you. How did it come to be, and why the vinyl toy form?

All together this diamond release actually holds 113 tracks plus the 22 music videos, the 60 minutes concert film and more than 1500 photos. It's a character in the shape of a diamond or rock with a 4 GB USB core featuring 1700 files of information or data, so the release isn't just the ultimate vinyl compilation, it's the DATA ROCK of the future. I guess we were just sick and tired of all the complaints within the music industry and somehow wanted to reinvent creativity, fun, play - so a toy seamed to be the perfect vehicle. Designer toy companies remind me of how indie labels used to be run, and SUPER7 was the perfect match for us - utterly insane with lots of humor and absolutely no focus on capitalizing on their products. Very different to most records labels right now. At least when it comes to physical formats...

Presumably there's a good few remixes in the release? What's your favourite?

All together there are 43 remixes, and right now my favorite is Souldrop's "Califormia" mix. Feel free to download it on

Nightflight to Uranus and Sex Me Up make me feel awkwardly smutty when listening on public transport. Are you pretty filthy guys? Wild times on tour?

Not really. That's probably the reason for the smutty lyrics - a therapeutic effort to relieve oppressed but profound feelings.

Your track 'The Blog' is all about the internet and new media. Being an online magazine, we're pretty interested in that. Could you sum up your feelings?

Being offline. Born and raised in the computer age, it's been wonderful to see how the world grew to became this insane information society, but when we were kids our C64s and Amiga 500s actually stood in some diametrical opposition to most parts of the rest of our lives - girls, school, sports, socializing, whatever. Now, thanks to the web, our laptops & smartphones, digital communication & consumption feels a bit too much of an integral part of every aspect of modern life. This feeling is one of many reason for us to chose a hand made, old school, classicly crafted physical exterior to carry our digital release - with all the work, craftmanship and expertise needed.

You recorded a special version of Fa Fa Fa for Sims 2 in Simlish. It's a really effective way of making the language seem real. How was it, making up lyrics in a fictional language?

Too easy, and I'm not sure most people wouldn't even notice the difference...

What's your favourite Norwegian thing that we need more of in the UK (discounting yourselves)?

Our extensive social welfare system.

Japan's suspended it's Antartic whale hunt, but it still happens in Norway. Are you for or against it? Have you ever tried whale yourselves (and if so, what's it like?)

I'm against all acts of brutality, but I don't feel any different about inhuman whale hunting than sadistic industrial farming - which is how most livestock seams to be handled nowadays. I'll eat pretty much anything that lived a life of freedom or genuine care and attention without pain, suffering and oppressed needs and instincts - as long as it was killed in a human and respectful manner. I've tried whale meat and I didn't like it - it's almost black and kinda taste like moose. Felt as if someone got the food chain mixed up - I'm pretty sure the world would be a better place if the whales ate us, and not the other way around.


You can buy Datarock's datarock from the Super7 shop now

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