Written by James Read
27 Wednesday 27th January 2010

Si Scott is a brilliant illustrator/typographer who works almost entirely via pencil/paper. He creates ornate swirling images that kind of look like they've been distilled out of oil floating on water. He has done our most recent poster on the God theme, and provided us with answers to a few questions about his trade.

Thanks for the poster! Babel, origin of languages and all. Do you have any letters or words which you prefer, aesthetically?

No, not particularly! I tend to lean towards song lyrics quite a lot and things I read in books or wherever! I think most people take inspiration from what they are interested in or enjoy doing.

Do you like working to fairly open briefs (like, say, 'God') or more specific parameters?

It can be a hindrance as much as a blessing at times - open briefs and more specific briefs have there own problems. For instance the 'God' brief for this poster is just a one word brief and that's it!

The word God has a lot of baggage that instantly makes you think of certain things. I'm in no way religious and guess I am quite anti-religion really - when it boils down to it, religion is the main source of most of the world's problems. I could have  done something expressing my own views, but didn't want to do that and have religious nuts baying for my blood.

Anyway, the idea for the poster came from something I had read that just stuck in my mind - the quote at the bottom of the poster explains the origins of 'Babel'.

S Illustration for Grafik magazine

What are your favourite and least favourite fonts?

Far too may to mention in both cases!

Secret of Drawing for BBC

Could you describe your working process for us?

Pretty much the same as everybody else I guess - read the brief, decide what they are asking of me and try and give them what they want, but surpassing that and bringing something to the table that they didn't think of! I am very rarely 100 percent happy with anything I produce and am always striving to improve.

Rat from Resonant series for Silent Records

You did a video ident for Charlotte Church's show (sadly no longer on air). Is animation something you're interesting in doing more of, and is it much more labour intensive?

I like giving my designs to people who do something totally different to me - as in the case with the Charlotte Church titles, which I collaborated on with the animation company Main Frame who did a really great job of bringing the design to life. I'd love to see some of the more intricate work like the Resonate series of animals animated or something like that.

Techno Family Tree for Electronic Poet

For budding students of typography and illustration, what would you say is the best route for moving into commercial work?

I always use the same quote by Anthony Burrill when asked things like this: "WORK HARD AND BE NICE TO PEOPLE."

You can pick up the God poster with Si's artwork completely free at these outlets now. If you miss it, you'll soon be able to purchase it from here (or, if you can't wait - email us).
See more of Si Scott's work at his website

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