Tempz, D Double E and Shank!


Written by Sinan Jefferies
22 Monday 22nd March 2010

If indeed the earth is not destroyed in 2012, then what can we expect? World peace? Equality amongst races? The rebirth of Jade Goody? Sadly not… According to the makers of Shank, the streets of 2015 will be paved with misery, violence and musical performances from Tempa T and D Double E

Not all bad then! 
Coming to cinemas this Thursday (March 26th), Shank is brought to you by Revolver Entertainment, a rapidly evolving London based outfit that are best known for their smash hit Kidulthood. 
Featuring some rather risqué scenes with Skins’ painfully hot Kaya Scodelario (she’s 18 now, it’s fine), Shank promises to be a huge hit at the box office.  
One word of warning though, try and avoid direct contact with any teenagers who’ve just finished seeing this film as they’re likely to chase you down the street with a machete covered in drugs.


For anyone unfamiliar with Tempa T, be sure to check out his vids. Just don't piss him off if you ever bump into him on road, especially if you value your CD collection.

 http://www.shankthefilm.com/ - In cinemas March 26th, 2010.

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  • Guest: bleh
    Sun 28 - Mar - 2010, 00:25
    "if you're not one of us, you're a victim"... so in 2015, everything is the same.
  • GhostGrey
    Thu 25 - Mar - 2010, 03:12
    Btw this comment below, and the one before stating errors in the piece above were by me. I didn't sign in before you see. Thanks.
  • Guest: alex
    Thu 25 - Mar - 2010, 03:10
    You deleted my comment! At least you made the changes. Welldone. 1) I can see why my comment went down - it's embarrasing and doesn't 'need' to be there once the problems have been solved. 2) Should I not get some free something-or-other? Maybe a thank you? Or maybe a job? And I dont mean one with the prefix of 'blow' attached to it. I mean writing for Don't Panic silly. Don't panic though Sinan I won't steal your job, maybe. Ghost Grey Oh, and if you delete this comment... Playtime's over.