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What you don't know about... Stella Vine


Written by James Read
21 Monday 21st January 2008

If you've been paying attention, you'll know that Brahma is running an art competition to create some new designs for their packaging. If not, this should serve as a reminder.

Don't forget, the competition ends this Friday, 25th Jan.

Stella Vine is one of the judges for this competition (along with Harry Pye and Jimi Crayon). The controversy that has surrounded her work is far too extensive to even begin to go into here, and it's all a bit tired, so we're just going to talk about her art (and black, Brahma and Brazil).

Right before this interview i was... filming for Sport Relief.

Sid and Nancy

Brahma Beer makes me think of... the amazing creative art scene in Brazil, and people laughing at a party.

When I think about Brazil, I think about... sunshine, carnival, and Nick Cave as he lived there once.

Art is/isn't a more valid media for discussing celebrities than tabloid papers because... I would not like to make an opinion about whether art is or isn't a more valid media for discussing/representing celebrities than tabloid papers. They both appear to have a place in this world. I wouldn't like to make a judgement.

Marilyn and Arthur

I prefer to work in colour rather than in monochrome... because it makes me feel more hopeful.

Black is the colour of... Black Beauty, a very special horse, who will help you, in times of need.

Kurt and Frances Bean

Lately my art has been inspired by... terrible things going on in the world, pain and suffering, then occasionally something which appears to be light, like Paris Hilton. But somehow everything feels connected. I make a lighter painting, with say pop culture references, or twee romanticism, but only after many darker paintings, which I don't show anyone. I think the lighter paintings carry the residue of the darker paintings. I don't feel the darker paintings are really acceptable to show anyone. I doubt myself.

The artists I'm enjoying right now are... I love the passionate sincerity of Jeff Koons in all it's kitsch glory, and I'm partial to a bit of Kippenberger; but I'm a bit lost most of the time in my own work, a story of a heroic puppy will sometimes win the day for me.

The VistoBrahma competition is open to anyone in the UK over the age of 18 – whether you're a painter, illustrator, photographer, street artist or anything in between. Visit WWW.VISTOBRAHMA.COM to see the full brief and terms and conditions.

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