Written by Anna Letteri
26 Wednesday 26th October 2011

Currently operating from a theatrical studio space above Distrikt bar in Leeds city centre, where Yasmina is the first and only resident artist, she tells us;  “It is here that I create a miscellany of artwork for many purposes. I procure commission work through word of mouth and recommendation and I approach all of my personal commissions with a well-researched, strong concept and theme tailored with sensitivity towards my client’s demands. I have completed many large scale paintings directly onto building interiors as well as paintings and one-off costumes and garments.”


With an ever-increasing demand for her multifarious manifestations of art, you will be able to see Yasmina’s works in carefully selected favourite haunts in Leeds and London.  For the recently commissioned Southern Comfort Courtyard in Distrikt Bar, the young artist assures us she has some surprises up her sleeve!

Not content with all of this, Yasmina has an impressive and expanding array of interior design work behind her, including prestigious residential private projects in London for a variety of high profile clients and interior design for wedding marquees. Closer to home, Opporto bar and The Faversham Hotel are next in line for their extreme makeovers. Whilst Distrikt Bar, Urban Outfitters and Dock St Market feature a selection of canvasses available to purchase.

Alongside her feature artwork, Yasmina also works on a range of unique prints for use in retail including t shirts and wallpapers, a mechanic Yasmina says; “That allows me to explore my recent digital artwork and to develop commercially viable products as well as to extend my own practice with their support. I have full creative control over the interior of the studio and am using this opportunity to work on my puppet show and theatrical wall covering ideas, using the unusual warehouse space as a backdrop for my ideas.”

With a successfully launched a t-shirt design company “Bedroom Gully” favoured by the likes of Leeds’ own Ramadanman and Radio 1 sovereign Annie Mac, and with special commissions by musician Pete Doherty for T Shirts and stage performance costumes, her range is only set to expand with more delicious and arresting designs to come.


Mixing her love for art and music, Yasmina is engaged with ongoing projects with intoxicating stop motion animations for projection as club visuals and album artwork for music producers including Luke Pompey’s label “Love Not Money”, to be released on the 12th December 2011.Other works in the include the up coming Illustration for the highly anticipated Luke Robinson cookbook and artwork for his pop up restaurant in London. Also undertaking ongoing work with tattoo designs for private clients, and club night artwork including the splendid branding of an ice cream van along with numerous flyer designs.

Yasmina continues to excel in her field and is fast compounding her name in the art and interior design world nationwide, having even been invited to deliver talks about her practice at art colleges across the county. Whether in Leeds or London, keep your eyes peeled for more flights of fancy into the whimsical, grotesque, dreamlike and visually dazzling pieces from one of Leeds’ finest exports, and be sure to check out her up-coming exhibition at the Wayward Gallery in Bethnal Green when it opens in February 2012

Website - http://yasminahamaidia.carbonmade.com/

Fan Page - http://www.facebook.com/Art.Yasmina

Contact - vulgarityandexcess@googlemail.com

Bedroom Gully - http://bedroomgully.blogspot.com/

Distrikt Bar Leeds - http://distrikt.co.uk/gallery/

The Wayward gallery - http://thewaywardgallery.com/

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