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Written by James Read
21 Thursday 21st January 2010

Matthieu Bessudo, or McBess, graduated from the world-renowned Supinfocom in 2005, and is now based in London. While he is pretty awesome at 3D animation, we absolutely love his 2D illustration work, so that's what we'll be showcasing here. He's so wonderfully French that he can make what would otherwise be freaky cartoon porn seem lovely and whimsical. Oh, and he sees wine as food, which is just super.

Your art has a sort of retro disney/steamboat willy feel. Are you a fan of the man's early work?

Oh well, I've been raised with Betty Boop and Merrie Melodies cartoons. I think my father loved it more than I did, but it's in me now eheh. So yes, I'm a big fan of that kind of weird dark moods, and the music that come with it. I base my work more on my childhood reference than on the latest things I saw. Sorry for my english (ED - it's perfect the way it is, please never learn it properly).


You've also done some animation, most notably the collaborative Sigg Jones - what comes first, animation or illustration?

To me it's like saying, what come first, the wine or the cheese? They're both food so it's useless to animate or illustrate. Oops sorry, lost my train of thoughts... I do illustration because it's quick. It's like taking a picture of what's in your brain now, whereas animation takes time and preparation. I would love to do more, but there's too many things I would like to do and too little time.

les deux personnages c'est moi parceque c'est moi qui dessine

What've you got coming up in the future? Any projects etc we should be looking out for?

Well, it's possible that I start working on my short movie in the next months and for that occasion I'm going to record a 10 track album, so that should be fun. And more concretely I'm doing some exhibitions; one in Germany with the people of Rotopol and one with the EDTN people of london.

the Perfect Saturday Afternoon

When are you going to put some new shit in your store so we can give you money?

Ahaha, yes soon. I need money anyway. There should be some new stuff on around the end of May, so be ready. Put some money aside because it's going to be expensive.

Orgies Suiss

Your work is mostly digital - would you find it limiting if you could only use traditional media?

I need to learn traditional media. I would love to be able to do a huge canvas, right now it takes me too much time and I'm way too messy. I'm always on a computer. I can finish my illustrations in the plane, at work, in the bath plus I can be a real geek at the same time and watch stupid series. It just fits my way of life for now.

The Desk (My Desk)

So, you've got a piece called My Desk, where you appear to be in some sort of Fantasia-esque forest. What've you got on your actual desk?

So, let's see. I've a stolen graphic tablet, my computer, two sound cards, a midi controller, lots of orange turtle picks, some onion and cream pretzel, a stuff toy that my girlfriend made for me, a glass of something, my speakers and my headphones.

Le Jardin

See more of his work at www.mcbess.com


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