See No Evil


Written by Tom M. Anderson
Photos and illustrations by Colouryum
21 Thursday 21st July 2011

Mr Wany

On 14th August 2011, a group of artists from across the world will be collaborating on a huge event that will transform a current eyesore in the city centre into a tribute to Bristol’s street art culture that will both attract international recognition and tourism.

As Inkie explains: “We have spent nearly 12 months negotiating and planning this major project, which will be the jewel in the crown of the city’s already buzzing art scene. We have invited some of the world’s most talented graffiti artists to bring their skills to city, and we have a number of returning Bristolians' to head up proceedings.”

El Mac

The artists will spend a full week on their murals covering the ten participating buildings on the street, concluding on the 20th August with the entire street being closed for a party to celebrate Bristol’s iconic street art and cultural status with various musical acts, animations and workshops.

Although the organisers of “See No Evil” are keeping the majority of the artists under their hats, some have emerged to confirm their involvement in the project; From the US, New York veterans, Tats Cru and LA based photorealist designer El Mac are among those few announced, as well as local Bristol artists Mr Jago and Amsterdam based artist, Shoe.  There are no comments as to whether or not Bristol born Banksy is to make an appearance.


Nelson Street, residing as an access point in the city centre between Broadmead and Colston Square, has been in much need of regeneration for years.  Residents and building owners in the area have expressed full support and enthusiasm for the event.  Brian Lloyd Jones, regional asset manager at UNITE Group, which owns Nelson House, one of the buildings set to be painted, said:

“We’re thrilled to be involved with this urban art project. Nelson Street is a gem in the heart of the city and this project will really help to regenerate the area. It’s exciting to be involved with something which will attract tourism to Bristol, and further cement our reputation as a leading European city in the urban art movement.”


Only a month away, See No Evil promises to be an event not to be missed.  20th August we celebrate a new British landmark being unveiled.  The event will be free to the public, however, Don’t Panic are offering two VIP Tickets to a lucky winner for queue jump, backstage and VIP area access, and maybe a T-Shirt if you're really really lucky.  

Enter the competition here

See No Evil is on Nelson Street from 14th August, with the street party and surrounding events on the 20th August. Please see See No Evil - Facebook for more info

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  • Guest: merlin.vernon
    Sun 31 - Jul - 2011, 08:55
    In 0rder for this to be an anual event....we need...a graffiti crown trophy which I have designed and made for the winner of 2012 who will hand it over to the winner of 2013,2014 and so on to view this street art trophy 2012 the trophy will be on display at the event ARTIST-MERLINS MOBILE ART TROLLY
  • Guest: juls.fige1
    Fri 29 - Jul - 2011, 09:13
    sounds wicked, will you i still be able to visit the area anf the art work after the 20th, as i'm away until then and i would love my kids to see the work the artists have createdAdd a comment...