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One Direction Fan Art


Written by Al Raz
29 Thursday 29th August 2013
Some of you may of seen that gripping documentary on Channel 4 the other day called Crazy About One Direction, which followed the sad lives of 1D fans and their quest for enlightenment by way of puberty. What I learnt about the raging adolescents was that they all had a sense of self-entitlement to 1D. They all felt they deserved time and love from the music group's members and felt responsible for their current fame and popularity. But what I picked up most of all from the programme is that they were all fucking nuts and spent hours of their lives sitting on curb-sides waiting to see the back end of Harry Styles's car and sending letters of hate and hell to the members' girlfriends.  
Here is some fan art of One Direction. Some have been drawn by erratic Japanese school girls and others have been drawn by adults who are now found in places that contain only white walls and a lot of prescribed medication. 
Not gay at all
The hell is wrong with his eye
Downs version
This is not fan art. This is merely a doodle.
The worst acid trip. Ever.

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