Fabrication the Craftyest place in Leeds celebrates it’s 3rd birthday


Written by Dawn Wood
29 Thursday 29th September 2011

It was originally set up in 2008 with the intention of providing adhoc workspace for designers and crafts people, who needed space for their projects. Whilst this was available within the arts sector there was no similar provision for those working in textile crafts and fashion so we were a unique enterprise in Leeds with a great demand for such a facility

Given the city centre location we soon began to run craft classes, about five a term in the first year, offering initially various sewing and vintage make up classes. We now offer a huge range of classes, including metal work, Body casting, knitting, crochet, felt making, leather work, and jewellery, as well as our original ones with forty-two classes in the autumn 2011 term weekend syllabus.

Our business philosophy behind Fabrication is to enable people to develop skills and be self- sufficient no matter what inability they might have. As a result we now also work within the adult social care field running weekly classes for adults with learning difficulties; we have worked with refugee organisations, Leeds men Cap, Leeds Mind, and the TUC Yorkshire for community days. We also work with corporate organisations such as Law firms and Banking and soon to be introducing taster sessions for those on a personal budget.

The classes offered at Fabrication are for all occasions, hen parties, birthday parties, baby showers etc, as well as general informal adult learning with classes such as t-shirt painting, Jewellery/Accessory making proving quite popular. The recession has provided a make do and mend culture, which means that Fabrication is right at the heart of the crafts culture, as we offer classes that enable people to revamp and recycle old clothes and jewellery. This also helps to reduce waste, playing a modest part towards having an ethical planet.

We are now a Social Enterprise and our future plan for Fabrication, as we move onto our fourth year, is to further develop our enterprise side by increasing the small businesses we mentor. We also aim to set up a shop selling work from the projects and the small businesses we support, run business workshops and set up a Leeds Fashion and Crafts network.

If you would like to find out more, get in touch: info@fabric-ation.co.uk

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  • Guest: sarahjaynehull
    Mon 25 - Jun - 2012, 18:30
    There will be a three day texile design workshop taking place at Temple.Works.Leeds this friday (29th June - 1st July): http://www.templeworksleeds.com/2012/06/18/the-ragged-line-workshop-would-you-like-to-wear-temple-works-leeds-on-your-sleeve/ For anyone interested in texiles, design, fashion, arts & crafts, it should be a really interesting weekend. Get in touch via the Temple Works website for more details.