Written by James Read
14 Monday 14th November 2011

You created a poster for us back in September last year. Thanks for that, it was very nice! How've things been going since?

Yeah good, I've just been travelling and painting in as many different countries as possible.

Twenty First Century City was given to Barack Obama by David Cameron

How do you feel about your work being given as an ambassadorial gift?

It was a surprise, something my mum can finally be proud of and it worked out well in the end.

Ben putting up the new piece in Whisper

Tell us about the show - it's at a new gallery, Whisper, in West London. Why there, why now?

A friend of mine, Martin is the director of Men Gallery in Shoreditch, I owed him a massive favour and luckily I get to re-pay that favour by having some work at this show in Whisper.

Village Underground's just announced that they're trying to raise £20K to install removable glass panels over their outdoor spots. As someone who's written on the VU walls, how do you feel about the glass covers?

I don't really care, it's up to them what they spend £20k on

Your latest piece from last weekend was London Riot on Hackney Road. What were your thoughts on the riots?

I wasn't here when it all happened, so I didn't see the 2011 summer holiday riots first hand, but in the past some great political changes have come about through the great unwashed uprising.

Your work revolves around words and letters. If you were presenting Sesame Street, what would the letter of the day be?


And lastly, what's your favourite and least favourite font?

Favourite - Helvetica, Least favourite - Helvetica


Unfair, featuring Eine, runs until 3rd December at Whisper. More info at whisperfineart.co.uk

Catch up with Eine at einesigns.co.uk

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