Dogtanion - Japan


Written by Jake Aaron
13 Monday 13th August 2012

Starting from the humble beginnings of a bedroom in Southampton, Tape Club Records have gone from strength to strength since their first release of 200 tape cassettes back in 2006. Tape Club Records have been steadily moving up in the world whilst maintaining their lo-fi ethics. Having made the transition from tape releases, they are now looking firmly towards the future with their latest full album release of ‘Japan’ by label stalwart ‘Dogtanion’.  

The album showcases the interesting talent that is London based Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau. Dubbed as a fusion of UK Garage, Electronica and folk with vocals reminiscent of a more chilled Jamie T, Dogtanion attempts to bring together a wide array of influences. The distinctive vocals and cheeky sense of humour are presented effectively on the track ‘Islam’ (named after a girl who thought it was a country which tickled me… sigh) and ties the variety of genres together nicely. My highlight from the record is ‘Bastard Son’ a well-produced song that shows a nice mix of beats and atmospheric synths reminiscent of Mount Kimbie and maybe even a hint of modern day Radiohead circa King of Limbs (which is definitely not a bad thing).

More of these vibes would have been definitely appreciated as he does lose his way at points throughout the album, and with a bit more focus beats and synths this could be a much more comprehensive album. Dogtanion is definitely an interesting prospect for the future. I would especially be interested in his live performances as the sounds and composition used on the record, reflect that this is an album he is able to perform live. As a day job Matthew is involved in film and installation work, so the potential to combine some of those elements into one performance is a very exciting prospect. Watch this space.

Japan by Dogtanion is released on the 6th of August on Tape Club Records, be sure to check it out!!

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