Cunt Coloring Book


Written by Caisa Ederyd
15 Friday 15th January 2010

Tee Corinne was a pretty cool lady, who after seven years of marriage with a man decided to divorce and then to spend the rest of her life as an active feminist and proud lesbian.

In the early 1970s Tee gathered some female friends who were willing to show her their vaginas. She drew a series of cunts to educate kids and celebrate women and their sexuality. She then gathered all her pretty drawings and released the Cunt Coloring Book in 1975. Colouring, according to Tee, is a very good way for kids to learn about the female sex, “because a major way we learn to understand the world, as children, is by colouring”.


The book became a huge success and it sold better than she ever could have imagined. Although endured a lot of discussion and controversy for a while because of its title. Some conservative dudes said the title was “awful”, and as a result, the Cunt Coloring Book had to change name into the weird “Labiaflowers”.

Tee thought that the new title was ridiculous and that it demolished the whole point of the book. Nevertheless, after some years of struggle, it was eventually re-released with its original title again and the Cunt Coloring Book became as popular as it was from the very beginning. Yay!


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  • Guest: pivonka571
    Sun 13 - May - 2012, 03:09
    I believe the first illustration is from Betty Dodson's work, and not Tee Corinne.
  • Guest: danielparker36
    Thu 24 - Feb - 2011, 17:46
    no commet he he
  • Guest: coley_10000
    Sun 21 - Nov - 2010, 18:52
    what a bunch of cunts!