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by ThomasKey
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12 Feb 2010
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"The most beautiful things in the world are the most useless; peacocks and lilies, for example."
Thomas Key, a 22 year-old Illustrator currently based in Leeds, UK.

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  • cahhhlum
    Sat 27 - Feb - 2010, 21:57
    He looks like Bryan Ferry.
  • Guest: adamfussell88
    Tue 23 - Feb - 2010, 14:07
    This is awesome, got my vote
  • Guest: lottiehuntphotography
    Tue 23 - Feb - 2010, 13:25
    I love this... haha - all the argument shows its doing exactly what it should be, all great art causes great dispute and discussion.. so I say well done to the artist. Vogue is all about breaking barriers and evoking emotions and argument and if you look below at the further comments, it does exactly that. Great work, I'd put it on my wall - plus, it would make me feel pretty all the time. ;)
  • Jarhead
    Mon 22 - Feb - 2010, 23:33
    Good work. Got my vote.
  • thomaspeter
    Sat 20 - Feb - 2010, 18:06
    i dont like this poster at all.
  • Guest: crumpero
    Sat 20 - Feb - 2010, 13:12
    would make an excellent poster./
  • Electrofied
    Thu 18 - Feb - 2010, 17:49
    nice x
  • adam74
    Tue 16 - Feb - 2010, 11:07
    Exactly, Susan Boyle etc was all last year, this is all old news now, todays 'Vogue' has moved on from this.
  • steveod25
    Mon 15 - Feb - 2010, 16:53
    I think this is very current... last year saw examples of society restraining itself from the 'norm', just one example being Susan Boyle...
  • nickyd
    Mon 15 - Feb - 2010, 14:04
    But is that what he is saying?? He has crossed out the "never" so perhaps he is insinuating that with "eye catching" looks, be it good looking or more to the point, unattractive, one may make it huge? Which would exactly be what you are saying to be true in today’s society. I think it's a very clever illustration, which makes one step back and think.
  • Guest: frankskinner
    Mon 15 - Feb - 2010, 12:20
    I'm not a hundred percent sure what he's trying to say with this piece. I mean, in todays world it's not what you know (or how you look in this case) but how much of the queens paper you hold in your wallet. I believe this piece follows an outdated belief, I mean, I could name at least ten less-than-attractive people off the top of my head. Art should be about breaking away with from norms, expanding our box, not reinforcing it with 90's dribble.
  • nickyd
    Mon 15 - Feb - 2010, 12:11
    relevant yet still outside the box. smart.
  • Guest: leanne_d44
    Mon 15 - Feb - 2010, 12:05
    original and epic by far the best in the comp!
  • Guest: jackwnoon
    Sun 14 - Feb - 2010, 22:19
    peno is a living angel
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