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08 Aug 2012
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An Organic Mechanical creature who feasts upon letters to create strange words and sounds. "It might never have occured to such a tiny little Cog-Folk before then, but he didn't want to be like all the OTHERS. He quite liked being different. He took delight in finding new words and sounds, The more new words he found, the more curious about the world outside the Machine he became. Perhaps there where others out there like him, others who dared to dream." Cog-Folk by Matt Jones.
I am an Illustrator/Author from Shropshire with an MA in Illustration. Digital & Visual Communications. * Penguin Design Award 2010, Puffin Children's Book Prize. [Shortlisted]. * Lloyds TSB The Art of Nurture Award 2011. [Shortlisted]. * Work Featured in The Fundamentals of Illustration (2nd Edition) 2012. [AVA Publishing]. email:

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