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Competition closes: 07 Jun 2012
Voting period: 04 May 2012 - 07 Jun 2012
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by ZOELone
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20 May 2012
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This obscene painting is part of a series and made with spray paints on a 70x100 cms canvas. I wouldn't comment why, but it fits the theme.
ZOELone! is a London based artist and graphic designer. Studied fine art at college and graduated as an art teacher. Improved his knowledge in fine art techniques and learned the essential basics of fine art such as art anathomy, art history and how to apply them in his work. During this time he was exposed to a variety of spray can art too. This form of cultural expression and art deeply affected his way. He has also visited several European countries, California, Mexico, and the Caribbeans to enrich his knowledge of art and the cultures in those regions. His style is a result from all these experiences in life traveling and interest in other cultures, techniques and styles. For more info visit:
Don't Panic Agency