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PlayStation Access Cover Star

Competition closes: 05 Apr 2012
Voting period: 12 Mar 2012 - 05 Apr 2012
146 Points
by hemsley_christopher
Public vote has finished
Submitted on
07 Mar 2012
Days left to vote
Scored by
146 People
Entry commentary
I though a simple cover using the button logo of playstation along with the 'O' button becoming the world would be a nice touch. I didn't want it to be blatantly obvious but at the same time not so abstract that the message wasn't clear. I look forward to hearing from you.
  • mzhkns
    Sat 07 - Apr - 2012, 14:07
    Voting finished!
  • glalag
    Sat 07 - Apr - 2012, 04:54
    I agree with you Signifried I would just like my entry to have a chance at reaching that stage, and for the judges to see my entry. There are definitely many other entries that deserve alot more votes.
  • Devilman
    Fri 06 - Apr - 2012, 13:59
    What are you talking about you can't vote XD the competition has ended O.O 146
  • gneeli
    Fri 06 - Apr - 2012, 13:32
    I like that things just done voting
  • Devilman
    Fri 06 - Apr - 2012, 13:14
    @daniel boss the voting has ended... O.o
  • danielboss
    Fri 06 - Apr - 2012, 06:27
    good design,,,i like that...i vote for u
  • Devilman
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 23:29
    And the sharp rise begins!
  • evana55
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 22:56
    so much great and lovely to me.
  • ashraf00001
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 22:47
    very good i hope you to win . great work
  • sasa21
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 22:43
    wonderful design brilliant and innovative...i vote for you
  • Hassdesign
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 22:24
    How can this be 1st? , this can be done within minutes
  • 9tThree
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 21:39
    And guys you forgot to mention that it also states the "Winning" Entry chosen by the judges receives the prize, not how many votes you get!
  • Guest: patronisingspanky
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 10:57
    @nixemus - I think Signifried, Devilman and yourself have proven that the design not the priority but free exposure & marketing and to acquire a range of work/options through free pitching. Please don't view "with only 3 votes, I'm clearly still doing something wrong" as a reflection of your submission as the votes simply come from those who have submitted entries (1vote), their fb friends who can be bothered (3votes), the randoms who use vote rigging (141 votes!!?!). I apologise if my earlier comment made you think that.
  • Devilman
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 02:08
    Yep i read them before i entered. I knew what type of comp this was from the gecko. And here is the perfect placed damage control term! "There shall be no guarantee that the winning image will be displayed on the cover of the next issue of Access Magazine."
  • Signifried
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 01:59
    You're right Dwayne: "At the end of the Competition Period, those 10 entries with the highest number of votes shall be selected for presentation to the SCEUK Access Magazine project manager and The Church of London editorial team, which produce Access magazine." That's an actual joke... So if you don't have many friends on your fb account...cheat or you will lose!!!
  • MikeMov89
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 01:53
    My entry is beside this one, currently on page 4 and still has 0 points :(, I have no friends :D and I am not prepared to upload it to a vote boosting site because it just goes against my morals. So it appears I have no chance. woe is me.
  • Devilman
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 01:51
    It definitely says 10 in the T&C... I know what they said on the front page of the comp AND what they say on the T&C are slightly different. It doesn't say they are subject to change so i don't think they will change the T&C.
  • Signifried
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 01:34
    @Devilman: It doesn't say anything about the number that defines highest voted, it doesn't say top 10..IT says the "highest voted entries"...that is all, so they can choose whatever designs they want. By the end of this contest I can guarantee that the top 10 designs will all be from people who have "vote boosted" in one way or another. And if all of the designs suck in the top 10, but there is a really deserving and decent quality design with 4 votes at the bottom, entered by someone who doesn't have a great deal of friends but played honestly and fairly (someone who didn't "vote boost"), what then?...I bet they would pick it as the winner. They know people vote boost and there is NO WAY they will only choose your design because your got the most votes. The votes help the magazine get free marketing and free publicity, not to mention website hits. That's why they use the vague language to make you think that it's the votes that will make you win. That's why almost all companies host competitions that require voting and all are done in exactly the same way!! There is currently one my friend has entered, for designing a new car paint job, which is hosted by Renault! It's common practice for companies to build awareness of a product. And if they did, for example, only choose the top 10 designs (based on votes) then I don't want to win anyway, because the contest is then not a design contest, it is "whoever can get the most publicity for the magazine wins, or whoever has the most friends wins"....and that would just be ridiculous and something I wouldn't want to be associated with. That would be more selfish and damaging to the design industry than spec work as far as I am concerned! At least in spec work everyone has a fair shot and equal opportunities!
  • Devilman
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 01:32
    One thing that does irritate me is that the terms and conditions for this comp are not linked on the main page of the competition and can only be seen when entering the competition...
  • Devilman
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 01:14
    @Signifried: Well I agree that bad designs with high votes is just idiotic. Due to the end result being judges anyway. They will pick the winning picture by what they like best. But they only will select the ten posts with the highest votes... That was stated in the terms and conditions... Its also stated that the winning design might not be used as the cover. And that was subject to change. So if you want to get your work judged stay in the top ten...
  • Signifried
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 00:46
    @Devilman: I think most people have just given up caring now. I know I have! All that matters to me is the contest/judging at the end...I'm sure that there, votes won't matter and design quality will. And I REALLY REALLY hope that someone at the bottom wins (with like 4 votes or something)...(or me ha ha, I would be lying if I said I didn't hope that). It would make me sooo happy to know that all the people who are trying their hardest to get votes using websites, ip software, proxy servers etc....wasted their time and effort and walk away with nothing at all, other than a tarnished reputation! Hopefully that would help them realise that if they want to win contests they have to create better work, not just get the most votes.
  • Devilman
    Sat 17 - Mar - 2012, 00:18
    I'm wondering why nobody is hassling me about this?
  • nixemus
    Fri 16 - Mar - 2012, 19:11
    Patronisingspanky - I only asked them to vote if they liked my design. I mean, I've read a few books on basic design principles, and I tried to take the Access Cover into consideration; but with only 3 votes, I'm clearly still doing something wrong. I think people should comment on why they didn't choose to vote, as well as why they did; do you know what I mean?
  • Guest: patronisingspanky
    Fri 16 - Mar - 2012, 15:17
    Signifried for President!! Then you could make it your personal mission to root out the liars & cheats of the system! Its a shame that these competitions are shortlisted based on FB friends not necessarily talent as in effect they are getting a free pitch. Even if its shortlisted, if its not upto scratch it won't be used because a bunch of strangers voted for it! The seven or eight who chose to use this route to gain votes surely don't rate their concepts either. Nixemus - so posting your design on Twitter and Facebook in order to get votes from your friends is for design critique and not for the prize?!??
  • nixemus
    Thu 15 - Mar - 2012, 11:16
    I have to agree with Signifried here. I have also been posting my design on Twitter and Facebook in order to get votes from my friends, which I would expect any of us to do. But using a vote boosting website in a competition just feels like you're in this for the prize, not the critique of your design.
  • Guest: hemsley.christopher
    Wed 14 - Mar - 2012, 15:29
    I agree it was pretty shameless, I have never done an online contest before and didnt know what the etiquette was thank you for your criticism as it is not just negative, it will help me act more wisely in the future
  • Signifried
    Wed 14 - Mar - 2012, 14:05
    But the way you approached trying to reach that stage (using the vote boosting website) has just made you look like you would do anything to get ahead by cutting corners (some might consider it cheating). It's not very positive in terms of a professional or personal image. You have basically disregarded the other contestants and the "fairness" of the contest in order to get yourself to the top. I guess it just depends on your personal morals/ethical view. At least your not the only one! If you were to win this contest, and you used the cover in your design portfolio at a potential job placement. Then the potential employer came to this website to view the contest (which is not uncommon) and sees you have utilised unfair means to get doesn't paint a very professional or honest image of you.
  • Guest: hemsley.christopher
    Wed 14 - Mar - 2012, 13:49
    I agree with you Signifried I would just like my entry to have a chance at reaching that stage, and for the judges to see my entry. There are definitely many other entries that deserve alot more votes.
  • Signifried
    Wed 14 - Mar - 2012, 13:15
    Personally I would class this more as a popularity contest than a "Design" contest....He who has the most friends...wins! This method of contest doesn't consider denotation, connotation, aesthetics, or anything to do with the designs themselves. There are a tonne of designs in this contest that deserve to be MUCH higher than they are (vote wise). As far as I am concerned if the judges in this contest who choose the "final" winner have any sense, it won't matter one little bit how many votes you have!
  • Guest: hemsley.christopher
    Wed 14 - Mar - 2012, 12:47
    If anyone is interested i have been solidly posting this across my facebook and my friends and families. Also i have been posting on various art and design blogs and forums, not only to get some feedback and gain a few votes but also to show others about the competition.. i saw this voting method online and saw that others had been using it from this competition im sorry if i have offended and i will try and remove the advert
  • Guest: imthegratest
    Wed 14 - Mar - 2012, 12:36
    check the site again most of the entries have used this methord to get votes... i guess this one just got more.
  • need2vote
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 13:36
    This is outrageous! I'm offended about the actions of this self-proclaimed graphic designer. It makes me question the veracity of the system being used for the contest. How is this fair for the rest of the participants? You wanted exposure? there you have it!
  • Guest: hello
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 13:22
    Is this cheating?! -
  • Guest: hello
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 13:21
    Oh, so this is how you get so many votes?! -
  • Guest: hello
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 13:20
  • need2vote
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 13:12
    this design is originally boring and simply disgusting.
  • ladybugsd
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 13:03
    these people must be your friends or compulsive liars
  • bishal44
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 12:32
    very inteesting!!!!!!!!!i like it
  • joarder
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 12:30
    very good design. best of luck.
  • appu4u
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 12:29
    well done bro....
  • ripan1290
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 12:26
    It is a nice job for designing.
  • JU9999
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 12:17
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  • angunawardhana
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 12:16
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  • deepak
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 12:16
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  • nitul006
    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 12:16
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 12:12
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 12:12
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 12:11
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 03:13
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 03:11
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 02:58
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 02:48
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 02:35
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 02:33
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 02:33
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 02:32
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 02:32
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 02:31
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 02:30
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 02:29
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    Tue 13 - Mar - 2012, 02:25
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