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Competition closes: 15 Apr 2010
Voting period: 15 Mar 2010 - 15 Apr 2010
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by chopsyjunior
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Submitted on
26 Mar 2010
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Entry commentary
A great rise and dramatic fall.
I am currently in my 3rd year studying for a degree in Design & Art Direction at Manchester School of Art
  • chopsyjunior
    Sun 04 - Apr - 2010, 10:54
    The words are not referring to any kind of drug. I wanted an image that personified both the best and the worst of the subject without literally sticking a TV on there. This led me to working with pictures of Tony Hancock… in the 60s he became a megastar through his television and radio work transforming him into a household name. Unfortunately off screen he was constantly battling personal demons and his decline in mental and physical state can be measured in the decline of his television programs. His last commission was for a series for local Australian television, after completing only three episodes he was found dead having suffered an overdose of prescription painkillers and alcohol. I’ve tried to hint at the piece looking like an obituary, the newspaper paper and the bold headline text also bearing similarities to a gravestone. Television made him but ultimately destroyed him too.
  • tomtomclub
    Sat 03 - Apr - 2010, 13:59
    I guess you were "stoned" when you compiled it? Now you should be!!!!!!!!!! Crazy guy!
  • paulbarber
    Wed 31 - Mar - 2010, 22:29
    i like the schrude contrast between the tonal greys and the colour swatch
  • Guest: janrock
    Mon 29 - Mar - 2010, 09:00
    Well it got my attention!
  • Guest: jillgoody
    Sun 28 - Mar - 2010, 17:55
    less is more
  • SVH
    Sun 28 - Mar - 2010, 15:02
    great! simple idea - very effective
  • Guest: padme-hun
    Fri 26 - Mar - 2010, 11:37
    simple yet effective
  • Guest: crazymunkey
    Fri 26 - Mar - 2010, 11:36
    good layout and minimal colour use
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