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Competition closes: 15 Apr 2010
Voting period: 15 Mar 2010 - 15 Apr 2010
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by abarron
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Submitted on
15 Mar 2010
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Entry commentary
We are living in a world where all media is becoming increasingly digitised due to an abundance technological advances. As art historian Christina Grammatikopoulou points out, ‘The things that used to colour up our personal space, resonating moments of the past and reflecting personality and taste, are now crammed onto the infinitesimal square millimetres of the hard disk.’ She refers, of course, to music as well as our treasured photographs and book collections, which are largely no longer the tangible objects that we could once sense by touch and even smell.
Now, it is television’s turn to get the full digital treatment. All analogue TV signals in the UK will be switched to digital between now and 2012. Stations will then transmit digital signals only. Televisions that receive analogue signals via the traditional rabbit ears or rooftop antenna and will no longer work, meaning you will either have to adapt…
  • Marc_Alcock
    Thu 25 - Mar - 2010, 16:17
  • Johnny5
    Mon 22 - Mar - 2010, 13:25
    A great piece of design. Loving the Typography too.
  • nickbax
    Sat 20 - Mar - 2010, 22:47
  • Guest: bladeinnotts
    Wed 17 - Mar - 2010, 21:39
    The best by far!!
  • Guest: me
    Tue 16 - Mar - 2010, 21:57
    Rocks :D
  • Guest: heva3
    Tue 16 - Mar - 2010, 17:58
    Really great design. well done!!!
  • hannah87
    Tue 16 - Mar - 2010, 13:53
    great design, well done :)
  • Guest: kbwhitehead
    Mon 15 - Mar - 2010, 20:45
    really love the concept..fantastic piece..well done ashleigh
  • Guest: kbwhitehead
    Mon 15 - Mar - 2010, 20:43
    fantastic design..really love this piece..well done ashleigh.
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