Don’t Panic! with A Town Called Panic: Poster design competition

Competition closes: 04 Oct 2010
Voting period: 16 Sep 2010 - 04 Oct 2010
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by georginaday
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03 Oct 2010
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Entry commentary
London is known for its diversity in culture. So what better way to capture an essence of the Londoner's 'Landan', than through the people that dawdle amongst the grimey streets.

Graffiti, fast food, laundry shop, smoking, those who are trendy/chavy/cute and then the - 'I just dont give a SH*T!....

(Sorry folks if I offended with the socks and jesus creepers, but it happens, and unfortunately....the rest of the world notices!)

I had fun making this, so hope you guys enjoy it too!
I ♥ creativity! I am a Graphic Design graduate from East London, momentarily living in Andalucia, Spain :)

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