Street Alphabet Competition

Competition closes: 08 Apr 2011
Voting period: 24 Mar 2011 - 08 Apr 2011
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by 45rpm
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29 Mar 2011
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Entry commentary
Three years worth of broken skate decks brought back to life. So each letter has a lot of tales behind it...
45rpm from the WHAT crew Bristol. I paint on everything and anything from walls to Bananas. I take photos, design and film during the day, then do the same at night just with more coffee...

45rpm portfolio

    Fri 15 - Apr - 2011, 21:49
    I've got a graff project you might be interested in... drop me a email at kalisone@hotmail.com
  • Ralphoid
    Wed 30 - Mar - 2011, 12:22
    Skateboard decks cut into letters = street alphabet!!! Good work fella!
  • Guest: hello
    Wed 30 - Mar - 2011, 11:21
    this is a really cool idea mate!


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