Wellcome Collection - Skin Design Competition

Competition closes: 05 Jul 2010

Voting period: 12 Jun 2010 - 05 Jul 2010

Wellcome Collection - Skin Design Competition
Client information

Aiming to take tattooing to the next level by making the whole experience not only something to remember but also creating a space that you will feel comfortable in.

Each tattoo should be individual, so here at Pure Ink we have removed the generic flash books and replaced them with design consultations held by professional tattooists. We also have a library of reference material and a bank of internet ready PC's for you to research and save images for your tattoo or even surf online prior to your session.

Our studio is kept at the highest level of hygiene and the tattoo areas are within individual private booths, giving you your own space to watch a DVD, listen to some music or just zone out to yourself!

Further to all this we show the best movies and TV shows, play the freshest music, stock limited edition t-shirts from roktic.com, sell limited edition/signed street art from the UK's leading artists, sell vinyl Japanese toys and vintage antique collectables plus if you time it right, we might even buy you lunch!

Achieve the tattoo you want and enjoy the experience, with Pure Ink.
Entry guidelines
The tattoo can be in black and white or colour.

“I am giving people the opportunity to tattoo me because I’m really bad at drawing myself. I’ve always wanted a few tattoos done but I’ve never put any effort into it until now.

Then I met my boyfriend who actually is a tattoo artist, so I let him to do a few tattoos for me because I know that he’s great at it. The boyfriend has already made my first tattoo. I came up with a simple idea that reflects people in my life that I love. He then drew a nice little drawing and within an hour, he had marked my body for life. I’m quite impulsive as a person, so if I come up with something, I usually do it without thinking too much about it. I look upon things in my life as a part of a fun journey and I spend little time regretting things.

I’d like to think of my body as a canvas. Just as I have scars on my knees from when I was young and learned how to cycle, I’d like to have little things that remind me of things that I once did or liked.

I hope that this competition will give me something beautiful that I can look at for hours when I’m old and bored. At least it will remind me of something fun and nice I did when I was young.”

Stuck for ideas? The flickr pool of anatomical tattoos

might help. We'll also be adding an inspiration image gallery in the coming weeks.
1) a free tattoo courtesy of good times studio, 2) the winning design tattooed in the Skin exhibition live on 22 July 3) plus £100, 4) Tattoo artwork on 60K posters You will also win a year’s free membership of the Wellcome Collection club

Have you ever dreamed of getting a tattoo but are too afraid to actually go through with it?

To coincide with Welcome Collection’s 'Skin' exhibition, we are running a competition to design a tattoo for Caisa Ederyd, our willing, tattoo-obsessed volunteer. We are asking you to put pen to paper and send us your designs for Caisa’s tattoo. The winning entry will be tattooed live on Caisa’s body in the 'Skin' exhibition on Thursday 22 July.

In the Skin exhibition one of the aspects we are interested in is looking at peeling back the layers of skin to discover what's beneath - let your imagination run wild with the anatomical workings of your body. Organs, dissections, skeletons, guts, nerves bundles, veins - get your thinking caps on to illustrate what's beneath our skin and display the internal on the external.

As for with this tattoo, I’d like it to have something to do with body organs such as hearts, lungs, guts and blood. This is because I think the inside of the body is interesting, beautiful and sadly because my dad died from a heart condition a few years ago.” - Caisa

The image of Caisa above shows the area that she wants tattooing - just around her left ribs. The area is quite large and the tattoo could be up to 6” x 6”.

Competition closes on Monday 5 July
Shortlist announced on Monday 16 July
Winner revealed at our late-night opening on Thursday 22 July at 18.30.



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