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by Lyco
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11 Feb 2011
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Entry commentary
I wanted to illustrate something simple and eyecatching, yet also elegant and descriptive, for this Haruki Murakami adaptation and this is the result. I hope that the characters personalities and the overall reminiscent and melancholy themes show through.

I also included lyrics from the Norwegian Wood song, as I felt it was an interesting way to introduce Toru's personal dilemma without giving too much away. Everyone loves a dramatic love triangle, after all.
I'm a student, but not for much longer~! I spend most of my days comicking, or drinking tea, or both. Multitasking ftw.
  • Lyco
    Fri 11 - Feb - 2011, 15:09
    Ahhh really!? I listened to a version they recorded haphazardly so either I misheard the words or they changed them later... probably the former T_T Ah well, the gist is there, right! Thanks for pointing it out.
  • GeorgieTurner
    Fri 11 - Feb - 2011, 08:29
    Nice design but the lyrics are wrong.. "I once had a girl, or should I say she once had me.."


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