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by karen.justl
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28 Jun 2012
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Strawberry Fields..........a psychological drama of the lust-rivalry of two sisters.
Karen Justl, b. Winnipeg, Mb. Illustrator and Installation Artist. I am researching facial expression and body language through animals and caricature. I am inspired by esoteric trades, books and films about clowns, inventors, therapists, occultists, mesmerists, channelers, crop circle researchers and sky watchers. The people who inspire me are deep thinkers, searchers and visionaries. Their deep thoughts underlie the semiotic lines on their faces. Facial expressions reveal many hidden aspects of the individual. They cross social and language barriers and are an effective, yet sometimes subtle means of communication. You cannot only judge a man by cut of his suit; you must study the cut of his jib as well.


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