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Design a Coat-of-Arms and win a title, with Highland Titles!

Competition closes: 27 May 2012
Voting period: 27 Apr 2012 - 27 May 2012
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by JoeSpeedbird
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25 May 2012
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Starting with the center shield from left to right and down. First is the flying sword of strength and forcefulness along with the red star of passion that hovers above it. Next the Royal Crest of the Kingdom of Italy to which my father’s side originates. The bottom half is the Royal Harp of “Erin” or Ireland, where one half of my m...other’s family originates. Above the shield is the royal crown of the matriarch who presides over our two families, His Royal Highness King Edward III. Outside of the crest stands Madame Justice on the right and Lady Passion on the left, along with our family credo written in Latin just below them. “Im Justus Sentenia” Finally above them fly’s the Proud Majestic Eagle, the symbol of the United States of America of which our two great families reside.See More
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